Testing, testing. Is this thing on?

     Before a new store has a “Grand Opening” with the balloons and the streamers – they have something called a “Soft Opening.”  This is my soft opening. Come to think about it…”soft opening” is actually pretty naughty sounding.  Please comment if you have anymore to say about that topic. 

     Speaking of topics, or not, I tend to get WAY off topic. Which is fine by me, and will probably happen very often around here; so get used to it, bub.  I have decided to jump back into the blogging world and hope that at least a couple of people will enjoy it.  I had some fans before but then got freaked out when my blog was being quoted in another blog…But I digress. I love to write. That’s why I do this.

     I’m also trying to figure out how to look at my own blog. What I see and what you the reader sees is different. And I’m not really enjoying that. I want to SEE what you see. So this is me trying to figure that out. Meanwhile, stay tuned. I have a great “Grand Opening” blog that I cannot wait to share with everyone. So excuse me while I work out the kinks on the site. I’m sure I’ll add shit and take away shit for the next few weeks.

So long for now,

xo JMo

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