Ball @ Work

A few months back a friend of mine got laid off at the company where I still currently work (fingers crossed y’all).  His cubicle was actually located in another building. I was at his old building yesterday for a health fair (yay flu shot!) and I walked by his empty cubicle. Just sitting on his bare desk, alone, was a baseball that he kept there. It seemed very lonely and out-of-place. So naturally I shoved it in my purse and walked out with it. I named him Ball.

Now instead of giving it to him, I decided to keep Ball on my desk. And then I started thinking about those stories where gnomes are snatched from their loving owners’ yards and then pictures mysteriously start showing up of Gnome in front of famous monuments yadda yadda yadda. Yeah well…I won’t be at the Eiffel Tower anytime soon, but I thought Ball would like some adventures. So his first stop was my desk. Hence: Ball @ Work. I’ll be happy to update the “Ball @ …” segment as soon as I can find fun places to put Ball. If you have any suggestions, I would be happy to oblige. (Please keep them G to PG-13 rated.  Thank you. I can only imagine where some of you would suggest I put Ball.)

Play Ball!


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