You should all consider yourself lucky that I have to work one of my three jobs tonight. I’m in a very strange and somber mood. I just keep thinking about where my life was 5-7 years ago…and I’m no better off. I’m working two jobs again (actually three. Cripes). Single again. And just overall unhappy with stuff. But again, I won’t be really delving too far into it since I gots to boogie soon.  At least the job will keep my mind off of things. Hopefully I won’t just start spontaneously crying like I did today (wait. shouldn’t my full time job kept my mind off of things. hmm). NOT good.

Ok then. That’s my latest update. Which isn’t really much of an update considering I really haven’t said anything.

Be safe,

2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. I start crying for no reason all the time. I have to be honest I think it is completely healthy and I usually feel better after..just saying you are not alone and you shouldn’t think of it as a weird thing. Clearly I am just as “off” as the next chick!

  2. I think it’s fairly normal too. Or at least I like to tell myself that. Maybe it’s oversensitivity but I feel connected to my emotions.

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