Dear California:

Dear California,


You’re a state that elected (past tense) The Terminator but you can’t pass Prop 19? You guys suck. You already have medical marijuana. I guess that’s enough for you, ya jerks!  But this was supposed to pass so that the rest of the country could look to you, and then we would all be one step closer to legal weeeeeeeed. Yipeeeeeeee!  And you fucked it up. Thanks a lot!!!  Hey, Massachusetts passed Gay Marriage! So don’t look at us! We did our share. Now you were supposed to pick up some slack. But noooooo!  

Like I have said, in life, previously – legalization of marijuana will never be seen in my lifetime. I’m almost sure of it. At least I got a cool “Yes We Cannabis” bumper sticker out of it. Pipe dream. Heh, I said “Pipe.” 

Dropping out and tuning in,


PS. I like when I do spellcheck and WordPress’ spellcheck wants me to change “xojmo” into “homo.”

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