Can We (Girl) Talk?

Warning: This might get honestly graphic in a way that might make men uncomfortable. Hell, it makes me uncomfortable.

I need to get real here.  I’ve been seeing some signage recently which makes me wonder what the hell everyone else is doing.  Because I know what I’m doing!  And apparently I’m breaking the law…the law when it comes to properly disposing of feminine sanitary napkins and/or tampons.

(I told you!! Don’t you look at me like that. I gave a warning!)

Many years ago when I was all Donna Martin Virginy, I used pads. When Always started making the thin super absorbent ones with wings, I was in heaven. And I knew that when I was “done” with it, to fold it up, wrap it in some sort of product and place it in the receptacle in the public bathroom stall.

Oh this is what I’m getting at…public stalls. Not at home. I don’t care if you stick your pads and tampons to the vanity mirror. I care about what is going on in the public stalls.

Hopefully whatever public stall you were tossing your used pad in has a lining or paper bag in it. Otherwise some janitor is pulling them out with his hands. GROSSSSSSSSSS!

Which is what leads me to tampons.

I use tampons now. Love ‘em. I’ve always flushed my used tampon down the toilet. Where did I come up with that idea? I’m not really sure. I guess I just found it disgusting to throw it in the wastepaper basket in my bathroom. Plus, I probably use more toilet paper anyhow, so what’s the big deal about flushing a bit of cotton down the drain.

Well apparently A LOT. I see all these signs that tell me NOT to flush any feminine products down the toilet. WHAT? So what do you suggest I do with it??  Are people trying to flush their pads?? No, right? So they are specifically talking to me…the tampon wearing public. Wait, do you wear a tampon? No…you sort of…ingest it for a while? Input it. You….shove it…Oh nevermind

Are you telling me, that after I pull out a very bloody, used tampon out of my vagina I should then swing it around by the string and then place it in the little metal bin hanging on the stall wall? Are you serious? WHAT if there isn’t a lining or bag in there? And what if my tampon has big chunks of uterine wall lining all over it? Then it’ll get all over the inside of the receptacle!! That’s gross!!! And God knows I’m not wrapping it up in some toilet paper. That’s a waste of toilet paper as far as I’m concerned. So I just flush the sucker down the toilet. And guess what….NOT my problem if their septic system backs up. Again, I feel like people use way more toilet paper wiping their asses than the amount of cotton I’m flushing down when I saw adios to my tampon.

So again, this isn’t about home. Obviously homeowners care about their septic systems blah blah blah. But what if you’re at Target? Do you really care? Or are you just going to flush it anyway? Or am I the only woman on the planet who flushes her tampon???

I’m on a need to know basis here. Help!


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