Tangy Temptation

This is my official review of the McRib sandwich from McDonald’s.

Before I begin, I was trying to think of a fun title that including rib (or McRib rather) and tickle…I Googled some stuff for inspiration and got this:


Needless to say, I went with Tangy Temptation instead. Why? Because it says so on the box!!


 And oh boy…even the aroma was tangy. But I don’t think that is necessarily a good thing.  McDonald’s uses the word “tangy” a total of three times on the box. So if you haven’t gathered it by now, the BBQ is fucking tangy. Okay?? Got it?  Good. Moving on…

Look at all that tanginess smeared all over the inside of my box! (hee)

I got my McRib without onions. The only reason I knew there were onions was because the big picture of the sandwich outside of McDonald’s has white things resembling onions sticking out from under the bun. I assumed onions and asked for it sans onions. Clearly I didn’t actually say “sans,” I mean, it’s McDonald’s for crissakes. I’m lucky the kid taking my order could even put a sentence together.

But it did come with pickles. What? Why??  Unknown.

I put them aside so you could BEHOLD…THE NAKED MCRIB!!

Look, I won’t lie. I thought I would like the McRib. I didn’t care that it was a boneless pork sandwich. One of my favorite things in the whole word is the Filet ‘O’ Fish. And God only knows where that fish patty comes from…I think it’s off the coast of Iceland or something. For all I know it looks like Blinky from The Simpsons.

But damn that Filet o Fish is gooooood! Warm cheese and warm tartar sauce. And this is coming from someone who HATES mayo.

So I really really wanted and expected to like the McRib. I love ribs in general, and pulled pork and the like. And tangy BBQ sauce! But all this sandwich was was the sauce. All you tasted was the sauce. The pork patty  had no flavor. And it was filled with something I like to call “nubbins.”  You may have seen or eaten a nubbin before…especially if you’ve ever eaten any sort of sausage product from Dunkin Donuts. Their sausages are FULL of nubbins. They are these little (sometimes clear) nodules of…I don’t know what! I hate nubbins! They gross me out! And the McRib has nubbins. Ergo I was grossed out.  So I only ate half the sandwich. Luckily I was prepared, because I picked up a cheeseburger just in case. Problem solved.

So I wasted $2.49 on the McRib. I had to try it! And now I know I don’t like it. Which is fine. Now when the hell is McDonald’s bringing back the McDLT?!

I’m not lovin’ it,


P.S. –

2 thoughts on “Tangy Temptation

  1. thank you for the research. you have sufficiently grossed me out so I won’t try the McRib. Love the McDLT and the Angus burgers……..nubbins only mildly concern me, but I hear ya.


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