31 Flavors Minus 30

I was at the liquor store earlier and a young couple was buying Strawberry flavored vodka.  Strawberry?? There’s raspberry and pineapple and peach and whipped cream and even cotton candy flavors. What the hell is up with that?

When I was young(er), you know what flavors of vodka we had? VODKA FLAVOR. That was it. And we certainly didn’t have Diddy’s vodka or Three Olives or whatever. We had the cheap shit made in Somerville, Smirnoff, Absolut and then after a while they came out with Grey Goose. But that was it. There were no flavors and not a lot to pick from.

Nowadays everything has flavors. Kahlua, Rum, BUD LIGHT LIME…you name it.

I mean, it is pretty cool, but kids today have no idea how great they have it.  Jerks.

Exactly four weeks until Christmas,


4 thoughts on “31 Flavors Minus 30

  1. And make sure you pick up some of that Whipped (pronounced like Stewie) Cream vodka with your discount! (We did have flavored wine coolers though…)

  2. lol “vodka flavored vodka”….you are a cross between Denis Leary with his “coffee flavored coffee…OH-KAY!” and the grumpy old man – “Flobble de flee”

  3. 1. I had never heard that Leary bit. I feel like I ripped him off and I’m sad about that. I guess I should’ve known that nothing I come up with is really original. But seriously…when I saw the Strawberry vodka all I could think was “All we had was vodka flavored vodka!” If we wanted flavor we drank it with orange juice.

    2. I dont know this grumpy man you are refering to. I’m grumpy though. Which is sad. Sorry!

  4. you ARE original!! WTF!

    I was deep into potato vodka at one point because it was cheaper. Mixed with flavored seltzer water.

    The grumpy old man??? From SNL??? “That’s the way it was and we LIKED it!!”

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