It’s the End of the World As We Know It

And I don’t feel fine. But you saw that coming didn’t you? The ending world that R.E.M. once sang about is nothing compared to the bleak world of today. Everything is so depressing and sad. Maddening, really. There are no more morals. We are all so obsessed with ourselves that we don’t consider the consequences of our actions. And unfortunately there are some real nut jobs out there that take things to the extreme.

Literally five minutes ago I logged on to (one of my many news stops throughout the day, along with, and and here are the stories that I’m staring at:

Breaking News: Gunman in Wisconsin Hostage Standoff Dies From Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

(NOT sorry to hear that. Next:)

Developing Story: 3 People Shot Inside St. Louis Funeral Home

(Is nothing sacred? What else you got?)

4 Killed in Mo. Murder-Suicide

(Nothing like killing some innocent folk before you kill yourself. Selfish much?! What else?)

Cops Expect Worst in Case of Missing Boys

(Look, I’ve watched enough 48 Hours Mystery to know that when a parent says they dropped their kid(s) off to , and then cops determine that doesn’t really exist = those kids are DEAD and shoved into a well somewhere. And…)

Cops: Grandma Threw Child Off Mall Walkway

This is probably the most disturbing of them all.  Like, what was this little girl doing that could possibly warrant her grandmother to toss her over the edge down six stories to her death? I’ll be honest, I’ve been out with my niece and nephew where they’ve annoyed me to death, but not literally. I mean, if anything, I would probably beat the living daylights out of them before I chucked them over a railing at a mall.  There is no going back from this. That girl died and her own grandmother (who, in fairness, is only 50 years old. So it’s not like Grandma was 87 and thought she was gently tossing her pet poodle out the first floor window to go tinkles) is responsible.  Can you even begin to fathom the fear and confusion that girl felt as she plummeted to her death? I simply cannot. 

The world is coming to an end. Possibly in 2012? Unknown. But I wouldn’t be surprised. We’ve just made a huge mess out of the Earth and mankind. Nothing is sacred anymore.  There is no rhyme or reason to the violence. It’s just ‘cuz. “‘Cuz I felt like it.”  Which is really the excuse for everything else that sucks in this life. Adultery: I felt like.  Robbery: Felt like it.  Vandalism: Just ‘cuz.

Sick and tired of it all; blah,


7 thoughts on “It’s the End of the World As We Know It

  1. So you would beat your niece and nephew before you threw them over the railing? So, the grandmother at least didn’t beat her too! Only kidding. Well done.


  2. I’ve got to admit Jen, this is one of the first posts you’ve had where I completely agree 100% with everything you said. We are literally going to hell in a handbasket (especially if you read The Book of Revelation). I absoluetly abhor watching the nightly news, because all it is is doom and gloom. People are totally fucked up. I think part of the problem is that honestly, the news, media, internet, YouTube, etc…. completely sensationalize all of these idiots (see Shore, Jersey) so much that people start to think, a: If I do this, I’ll get on TV too, and b: this is normal. I hate it too….


  3. Clearly I have no read the Book of Revelation (see My Revelations about Revelation), but yeah, we’ve already discussed our heading to hell in a handbasket. But then again, I think the line will be really long ahead of us.

    And yes, people are really fucked up. What the hell is going on?


  4. see, the trick her is to absorb all this garbage, yet maintain positiveness. Enjoy the little things, like a niece’s smile, a nephew’s chuckle, a clear blue sky, a child reading a bedtime story to YOU, gorgeous bangs, brownies and flirting with hot chicks in cigar stores.

    It is true that putting out good karma brings it back to you. Smile and the world smiles with you, probably because they think you are an idiot, but whatever.


  5. The Earth is getting messed up because you are flushing your tampons down the toilet and throwing away plastic bottles and plastic bags to the trash dumps!


  6. Hey. What do I care? I don’t have any kids that need to clean up my mess. haha. And don’t forget about the six pack rings that I toss into the ocean for fun!! Might as well kill two birds (literally!) with two stones!


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