UPDATE: Can We (Girl) Talk?

A week ago I was hanging out with a friend at the cigar shop. Don’t ask.

There was probably about 7 guys along with myself sitting around smoking and drinking. One of the men just happens to work in septic systems. So of course I was like “Hey you!! Let’s talk about tampons right now!!”

The other men froze in horror but this dude was cool. I said “Why am I not supposed to flush tampons??”

He told me it is because they don’t sink – they float. And in the end they’ll clog the pipes.

I was like “Ok. That makes complete sense. But I’m still going to flush my tampons.”

You’re welcome,


PS. The original post that started all this fun can be found here: http://wp.me/p1123D-1L .

11 thoughts on “UPDATE: Can We (Girl) Talk?

  1. Well he needs to know this stuff. I mean, he’s got a WIFE and two girls who will be clogging up his septic tank fairly soon. He’s a proud home owner who needs to know! I’m just helping it along. haha.


  2. A. it was not a “cigar bar.” It’s an actual cigar shop where guys throw up some folding chairs and sit around and kibbitz like old ladies. The drinking is probably terribly illegal so I won’t mention in print where it is.

    B. I will smoke girly cigars like Acid which is infused with botanical oils or something. Not Acid Dirty’s though. They just look gross.

    C. Everytime I’m there I wish it were a “coffee shop” in Amsterdam. I think it’s unfair that these guys get such a kick out of smoking those stupid cigars (you don’t even inhale? Wha???) and I can’t smoke the type of leaf I want. Boo. Hiss. Hiss. Boo.

    D. That same time I was there I met a new guy named Richie. He reminded me of you so bad!! But an older you. But totally looked like you. It was so weird. And he was kissing my hand and stuff and it was funny. I just pretended it was you P-Dawg!


  3. No branching out. I have no desire to get oral cancer from cigars. Every once in a while is good enough for me. I don’t “taste” them. I don’t get it. The smell sometimes gets me sick. Again, would rather be sitting around smoking something else. But I Won’t say what! shh.


  4. Ok, so I’m cruising along, minding my own business listening to tunes. I hear Meatloaf, and I think to myself “I know what he won’t do….thanks JMo”.

    Then Cherry Pie comes on….some 80s hair band, maybe Warrant? Anyway, they’re singing away “Myyyy sweet cherrrrieee pieeee” So there is a part about “swinging on the front porch, swinging on the lawn swinging something something” and I can picutre this hot chick with the teased hair and an old tasseled Dallas Cowboys uniform (dunno why) with hot boots riding bronco, swinging her arm over head with her other hand on my chest. Might have been a cowboy hat too…….Quite an imagination for first thing in the morning going to work!

    Suddenly this image shifts to the hot girl swinging her arm over head, but in a stall…..thankfully I wasn’t in that image anymore, nor could I see what she had in her hand, but it kinda ruined my hot morning drive fantasy. Thanks Jen.

    Of course, then I slipped away into margaritaville on the radio, and all was right with the world again.

    For better or worse, you are always in my head.


  5. 1. You’re welcome.
    2. Yes, Cherry Pie was performed by Warrant.
    3. You’re welcome AGAIN!
    4. Awww. I’m flattered I’m always in your head! haha. xo


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