Tonight I Met a Boy I Thought Was Really Cute.

And then nothing happened. Per usual.

The end.

But seriously – why tease you to read more? Nothing happened. I’m horrible at flirting. I’m flirty. Flirtatious even.  But I suck at flirting. I *think* I’m flirting, but then he doesn’t take it to the next level (“Because he didn’t like you JMo!” screams the peanut gallery.) OR maybe he was just too busy with scratch tickets. OR maybe I have zero idea on how to take it to the next level without sounding cheesy. “Come here often?” – thought of that. Didn’t say it. “Hi, I’m Jen.” – also thought. Never said. I mean, we were talking. Not like there wasn’t an opportunity. But it’s not like we were having a deep discussion about the cholera breakout in Haiti. He was more interested in showing me a coin which was super dirty and dark and gross. He wasn’t sure it was even a quarter.

I could clearly see George Washington’s face on the front. It was. But that’s ok. So he doesn’t know US coin currency. Fine by me! I know my coins just fine, thank you very much.

Dear Adorable-Cute-Hot boy who bought blackberry schnapps and a lot of scratch tickets,

I like you. Please come back to buy more disgusting alcohol that high school sophomores wouldn’t even drink. I will be more than happy to sell you countless scratch ticket. So you have a gambling problem? I’m ok with it! You have nice arms and I would like to hold your hand and kiss your cheek.

Call me! Oh right, you don’t have my number. I’ve got my eye on you! Can’t wait to see you again at the liquor store of love!


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