The Many Flavors of Vodka

A few weeks ago I wrote about how nowadays there are many difference flavors of vodka…and all I had when I was young (21-ish of course) was vodka flavored vodka. Nothing fancy. (Read that post here:

I’ve accumulated a list of some flavors. I’m sure I’m missing some. Suck it up!

Orange.  Green Apple.  Blueberry.  White Grape.  Pear.  Peach.  Citrus.  Pineapple.  Lime.  Cranberry.  Vanilla.  Passion Fruit.  Watermelon.  Root Beer.  Espresso. Chocolate (but not only regular chocolate, there is also Godiva Chocolate Vodka. Excuse me for living!). Cotton Candy. Whipped Cream. 

And to top it all off…Chambord now has a Chambord flavored Vodka. Um….yum!! I love Chambord in general…usually mixed with champagne.

But why Chambord flavored Vodka? I’ll never know. Then again, I have no idea why they make all the other flavors either.

However, I am looking forward to some blueberry vodka + lemonade. Yummies.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “The Many Flavors of Vodka

  1. That picture is a bit deceiving. It does look pretty & pink in that pic, but it’s really a lighter shade of the normal purple used by the regular Chambord.

    The problem with working at a liquor store…I drink way more now that I ever did. It’s like…you spend hours there and all of a sudden its – “Oh I’m going to buy that and try that.” And “Oh I could use some wine tonight.”

    Which I could tonight!! Luckily I already have TWO bottles at home waiting for me.

    I’m babbling.


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