Don’t Ask. Don’t Care.

So DADT has gone bye bye. Hurrah? I guess?

I honestly didn’t care either way. I’m neither gay nor in the military so … yeah.

I assumed that Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell. started because gays were having a hard time being accepted into the miliary back in the day. Or something.

But then someone else decided that it wasn’t a good idea and now it should be eradicated. Ok. But…that’s a conundrum. If we can’t ask, how will we know who is gay in the military and can tell us what they think?

Well apparently there are lots of gays in the military (Why?? The uniforms are atrocious.) and they were making themselves known all over the place.  And some were being discharged because of it. Okay. Still don’t care. Kinda.

So while I didn’t care either way, my main concern was…well what do the gays want? So they want DADT repealed? Ok then. So make it happen.

But here’s my thing: I don’t know much about the military but I know that when you go to boot camp, there is going to be a very mean man there yelling at you when you can’t do 50 push ups. And I’m almost positive he will probably say things like “You little sissy!” to motivate (or not) the guys. The last thing I want to see if someone saying “You called me a sissy because I’m out and in the military. I’m suing you.”

That’s not okay. Can’t we all just get along?

It’s also not okay if that drill sergeant calls him that because he is gay. That’s just mean. Call him something else. I’m sure there’s plenty in your wheelhouse Mr. Drill Sergeant.

And while we are on the topic, why is it always “gays and lesbians?” When did lesbians become non-gays? I kinda thought that “gay” encompassed all homosexual men and women. I guess I’m wrong. What’s new?

Hey, guess what? Today is Christmas Eve day!! I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas. Let me know what Santa brings you okay?


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