As we welcome in 2011, we also welcome in a new decade. And now, thanks to a lame Time|Life infomertial, I know which decade has the worst pop music.

If you had asked me a mere 24 hours ago, “JMo, which decade had the most hideous sounding pop music?”  I honestly would’ve said something inane like “The 70’s!” or “The 20’s!” without even thinking. ‘Cuz here I was thinking that there must’ve been some pretty groovin’ tunes during the 60’s. Yeah well, if there were any, they certainly weren’t in the pop genre.

Holy Smokes. “Pop Memories of the Sixties” broke it all down for me. And boy did I enjoy none of it. Whose memories were these exactly?

The best pop music, of course, comes from the 90’s. Shut up 80’s peanut gallery. You guys rocked it out too. But the 90’s pop….was outstanding.

While sort of semi being on the topic of 2011, can we talk about the elephant in the room please…?!

We still have not agreed on “two thousand eleven” or “twenty-eleven.”  I’ll be frank: My vote is for “two thousand eleven.”  I have no idea why, but “twenty-eleven” sounds way too futuristic. But there are definitely both camps out there and I don’t think it’s right. It’s not like there are a group of people going around talking about the ‘Spirit of One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy-Six.’  But by that logic, if we say “Seventeen Seventy-six” then we should be saying “Twenty-Eleven.”

I don’t even like my own logic. I’ll stick with Two thousand eleven.

Best of luck to ya in the eleven year anniversary of the new millennium,


4 thoughts on “Six-Six-Sixties

  1. I like that you put the pipe|bar between Time and Life and didn’t go the lazy route with the / like I would have.

    “80’s peanut gallery,” indeed. Two words: Duran Duran.

    Happy birthday. Enjoy the day off!

  2. Duran Duran did rock. And maybe the 80’s did have the best. It’s debatable!!

    I have been enjoying my day so far. I decided to treat myself to a Pandora bracelet. I dont need no man to buy me that!

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