I was at an event earlier this evening.  There were some “celebrities” there. And some “athletes.”  Believe me, nothing really to write home about. BUT there was one athlete…I won’t say who, but he’s quite attractive and plays a “professional” sport.  Let’s just say if you name the four most popular Pro sports in America…his isn’t on there. Got it? Good.

Ok then. Now that we have that squared away: I actually got within about a foot of him and was admiring his black knit Benneton hat (we were inside), his lovely huge watch … and then that’s when I saw it:  He was wearing a W.W.J.D bracelet.

What would Jesus do.



I mean, what’s happening here? Are we at 6th grade bible camp?

I leaned over to my co-worker with whom I was drooling earlier in the night, and told her what intel I uncovered. I made the thumbs down sign, and she said she didn’t care. Didn’t bother her.

So I said, “Well I do care. Because I’m pretty sure the stuff that I want to do, isn’t in Jesus’ wheelhouse. I’m almost positive that Jesus doesn’t want to do what I want to do. So I’d have to spend all night saying, ‘No no no! I’m pretty sure Jesus WOULD do this. Let’s just try it and see how it feels.'”

So yeah, what would Jesus do? Well I’m sort of hoping that Jesus wouldn’t let his child hold and fire at Uzi at a gun show. I’m hoping that Jesus wouldn’t shout out “You lie!” to the President. I’m not sure, however, WHAT Jesus would do right now. I mean, this world is fucked up.  I really hope he gets his ass down here soon. I’m so ready for Armageddon!

And I don’t want to miss a thing!


4 thoughts on “W.W.JMo.D.

  1. I went to college in southwestern Ohio, a huge Bible-thumping area of the country. We had fire and brimstone streetcorner preachers in front of the student union on a regular basis, and a huge evangelical christianist contingent (I reserve the term Christian for those who believe in Christ’s message of love). Anyhow, dude. You *wanted* to go out with the girls in the Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. All I’m saying is that bracelet could well mean “undercover freak who will feel bad about it tomorrow but be texting you by dinnertime to feel guilty again.”

  2. Are there any hot famous soccer players in the Boston area? The only one I know is Becks, and I don’t think he was there. Now I have to google the event to find pictures. Text it to me.

  3. “they” as in them or as in those bracelets. Now I forget what I wrote. Good thing I write stuff down or I won’t remember. haha. I had changed that from public to private and back to public. I dont want to offend anyone, but seriously? WWJD? Jesus wouldn’t buy guns and hate gay people. That’s WWJD. Or WWJND. I digress.

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