(Different) Crimes and (Same) Punishment

*scrapes soapbox across the floor*

Hi. Is this thing on? *tap tap* Good. I’ve got something to say.

Have you ever thought about something really really hard and contemplate the shit out of it and then think, “Hey wait a second! That’s really fucked up!!”

I was channel surfing tonight (not shocking – no date) and came across Nancy Grace (I think I’m breaking up with the Rachel Maddow show). BUT Nancy wasn’t hosting… Boo. But I stuck around for a minute or so anyway.

The story was of the first girl who was ever put on the “Have You Seen Me?” ads/posters/milk box/whatever.  Guess what? Never found her. Hold on…not the fucked up part yet. Although…yes fucked up.

26 years ago this 8 year old girl got off of her school bus and was abducted.  Was never found. Body was never recovered.

Think about what you did today. Did you go to Starbucks?  Did you brush your teeth? Did you laugh? 

Can you imagine being the family of this 8  year old girl?  My niece is 8 and I think about how I would react if she never came home one day after school. HOW… HOW HOW HOW…does one recover from that? How does one LIVE after that?  I’m flabbergasted that it does happen. 

Maybe you broke a nail today. Or they messed up your order at Starbucks.  But at least in the back of your mind you weren’t thinking “Where is Emily? That barista could’ve taken her. We have no idea. Come home. Is she even alive? Oh God, I can’t even think about what else could’ve happened.”

Does that ever go away???  Or does everything just play over in your mind in an endless loop?

If my niece never came home one day (or my nephew!) HOW could I ever laugh again? How would that be fair? No. Just no.

So then I started thinking about these sick fucks who steal kids off the street and do disgusting, unthinkable, vile things to them. 

And somehow their punishment is the same as a person who didn’t do nearly anything at all like that weirdo did.

I’m not sure we as a society should handle things like that. Why are we not more outraged at criminals/sickos who hurt children?! They are defenseless and innocent.  My brain can literally not even comprehend the whole idea.

So anyway, we stick them in a cell for what? A decade? A lifetime? So what?? He can eat pizza and read Kafka and paint. All the things those kids can’t do. Or don’t want to do because they are afraid to leave their houses and spend the rest of eternity in therapy. HOW is that fair? How is that okay? It’s really not. I like to break it down into really simple thoughts and words.

It’s not okay.

As far as I’m concerned, these creatures are not needed in our society. Or America. Whichever. Send them to Pakistan. I’m  just saying. It’s an idea. Rough draft if you will.

Let’s bring back stoning.  I’d like that a lot. Does that make me a bad person? Or maybe we should let folks bring aluminum baseball bats to the town square and beat the shit out of him until his limbs just fall off his body like finger lickin’ chicken wings fall off da bone.

Do you think anyone would even show up to a public stoning/batting? I kinda think they/we would. How could we not? We’ve kind of stumbled into The Lottery territory in the past few years right? We love reality TV. We can’t wait to update our statuses on Facebook. Everything is so shared nowadays. And I think it’s safe to say that we’d all like to cut the dicks off these pedophiles. WHY would we stick him in a prison, with pizza and showers and sex….while a dude who sold pot is in the cell next to him. Whoa whoa whoa. I don’t even care if the guy sold more than pot.

Dear Meth/Pot/OC/Coke dealer: I really don’t find you even remotely in the same boat as that dirtbag. I’m sorry that we as a “fair” society would even punish you the same way for TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CRIMES.

Different moving violations on the road even get fined differently. Why does double parking cost less/more than if I parked in front of a hydrant?*

So if those are even treated differently, why can’t crimes be treated differently? Ok yeah, we have the death penalty…but c’mon.  A needle? That’s ….LAME. Yes, I want pain. I want discomfort. I want despair. I want every single emotion that any child felt (Adam Walsh, hello? All I remember hearing as a kid is that his head was found but not his body. Even to this day I get chills. What monster could do that?) from the moment og being abducted all the way through to the moment they were buried alive. Yeah remember that happened to a little girl a few years ago? Can you even begin to comprehend being buried alive right now, nevermind when you were 8 years old and riding a Big Wheel.

Since half the country has guns, why don’t we put them to some use. I would be all about some good old-fashioned vigilantism.  Not me though. I don’t believe in guns. Remember? I’ll just let ya’ll take care of it. (Wait, is it y’all? Why don’t I ever get this??)

Thanks for letting me rant.


*Could you tell I don’t know anything about tickets, since I haven’t gotten any, suckas!

3 thoughts on “(Different) Crimes and (Same) Punishment

  1. Oh my God Jen. My sentiments exactly. Especially now that I have my son, I can’t imagine how these families go on. The Adam Walsh Act fuels my husband’s job- he is a US Marshal that finds these sick pedophiles. When he does meet the families it just kills him. He sees and hears about such crazy shit, but I’m so happy he does what he does. It really sucks how hard he has to fight to get some of these cases taken seriously.

  2. There was a nano-second where I thought, “Oh my God, what if no one agrees with me? And they think I’m completely evil for wanting to stone another human being?”

    So thank you so much!!!!!! I feel so much better now.

    Oh my God, and now think of your husband’s job…exactly…so now this heinous act is now spilling over into more innocent people who have to carry that around on their shoulders. Horrible. And those pigs…I dunno. There is no justice.

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