Short and Sweet

My niece, Madeleine, is a better person than I. Plain and simple. Short and sweet. The end.

Wait wait wait! Not the end of my blog. Have you ever known my blog to be less than 300 words?? Sheesh!

Recently she celebrated her ninth birthday (yes. NINE. 9. Single digit.). In lieu of presents, she asked that her party guests bring donations for the cats at the Canton Animal Shelter.  Her mom had asked the shelter what they would like and/or need.  After including that information on her birthday party invitation, the guests happily obliged.

Her donation to the shelter consisted of:

  • 200 cans of Friskies cat food
  • 130 pounds of cat litter
  • 20 rolls of paper towels
  • 18 cat toys
  • 23 towels
  • $40.00 (two people just wrote checks out to the shelter. Awesomeness.)
  • Hundred of those plastic bags you get from the grocery store/Walmart/Target/Kohl’s etc.

This was not the first time she elected to do something like this.  Two years ago she asked her guests for donations to Project Night Night ( That total was 11 tote bags, each filled with a stuffed animal, a book, and a blanket; each bag going to a homeless child who doesn’t own anything at all – Nevermind a book to read at night, while snuggling a teddy.

So…that’s it. She rocks. I don’t.  Think about all the crap your kids got for Christmas. Sorry, I don’t mean to call it “crap.”  Believe me, I bought A LOT of “crap” for my niece and nephew. I’m sure Liam won’t be playing with his Criss Cross Crash Hot Wheels set forever.  That will end up in a landfill. Good-bye plastic piece of crap. But think about that cat food….When Madeleine (and mom, Karen) brought that into the shelter, that was simply 200 cans of food that they didn’t have mere minutes ago. Shelters have to beg and plead for money sometimes. And those poor unwanted pets shouldn’t starve, right? So maybe 200 cans won’t last forever, but it sure as hell has way more meaning than a stupid car racetrack toy.

Age 9.

Canton Animal Shelter Donation

Please, I beg of you, think about doing something like this, in some capacity, next time there is an event that may include gifts.  I personally never give up an opportunity for gifts, but I’m divorced, kid-free, and have minimal amounts of friends. So I don’t get gifts often. I actually hoard gifts.  But you’re not JMo, thank GOD! Just imagine, making a difference for a shelter of any kind…I think your guests will dig it too. It’ll make everyone feel good. And I think we can all agree that we need more of that good feeling, than we need of feeling crap (probably made in China by the way!).

Live near Canton, MA? Think about giving a donation of some sort to the shelter: 

Tell them Madeleine sent you!!   xojmo

Age 8

Project Night Night

PS. I love you Madeleine. Yes, Auntie has her own Website.  It’s really not as exciting and exclusive as you think. You don’t know what “exclusive” means? That’s okay. You can keep on thinking I’m cool. Because I am. And I promise I will take you to see Never Say Never.  I am very proud of you.  I hope everyone who reads this is too. You are super special. Don’t you forget it!!


6 thoughts on “Short and Sweet

  1. Oh my god Jen. I was just telling my husband this great story and he said he heard the same story at work! Is Janet your mom? He works with her and loves her…


  2. Nice post! i like it, please bookmark this page in digg or mixx so that anyone could find it easily. )) Thanks for sharing this info. You guys are doing a unique job


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