In All Seriousness – Thank you!

WordPress gives us “site stats” regarding how many hits my blog gets. Where they are coming from (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, search etc) and I’m still amazed when I see that someone (don’t know who) or someones will search the terms “xojmo” or “xojmo worpress”…That means they are looking for me!! That’s just weird.  I mean, while “xojmo” might seem catchy to me (I started signing emails to friends like that a while ago), I didn’t expect others to remember it. Nevermind remember the site I’m on.  So thank you to whoever is “googling” me or whatever.  I really appreciate it.  It’s flattering (barring that it’s not a relative doing it. Lame!) and I just felt the need to say thanks. Thanks to everyone who has read anything and maybe everything I have written so far. Some of it is easy and fun to write; while some other stuff is very hard and I know you all wonder WHY the hell I just shared that.  I don’t know…why not?  I’m complex. Just like everyone else. And for some reason I feel the need to share. Probably because I don’t share enough in my every day life.  I’m a shy private person, but when asked a question I will answer it – no holds barred.  So be prepared. Sometimes what I say isn’t fun or funny but it’s the truth. And if I care enough about you to give you the truth in the first place (instead of lip service) then consider yourself lucky.  Or not. 

Again, thanks. From the bottom of my heart. (And on Valentine’s Day too. Ugh. Don’t get me started!)

And no, this isn’t a goodbye letter. Sheesh. I’m just amazed at my stats when I see that someone searched the term “xojmo.”  That’s me!!!!!


See? That’s me! I just signed that.

Wold be easier to just bookmark me. But whatever. I’m not getting picky!


2 thoughts on “In All Seriousness – Thank you!

  1. I knew it was you! I checked out your blog already and added it to my blogroll.

    Thank you so much for your compliment. Sometimes my honesty gets me into sticky situations in real life, and even some of my blogs have been therapeutic to write, but hurtful once others read them. But I stand by what I’ve written. I’m glad you enjoy it. 🙂


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