Clearly God Wants Me to Have a Donut

I decided I need to get my ass back in gear when it comes to eating. So I’ve been recording my daily diet this week, and by diet I don’t mean anything trendy. Just keeping track of my caloric intake.

Earlier, after leaving CVS, the tiny voice in my head started in: “Stop at Dunkin’ Donuts and get an iced tea. Your favorite!”

Once I decided on the iced tea, the voice started in again: “Get a donut! Those special donuts are ending soon!”

No! No, no no!! After having a heated argument with the voice in my head, I decided on NO iced tea. My favorite beverage after giving up Coca-Cola.

(Moment of silence for fountain soda with ice.)

Whew. I avoided the unnecessary calories. I’ll drink water. Water!!! Lots of it. And then spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Lots of time.

Anywho…minding my own business and decided that for a treat, I will make myself a hazelnut coffee from the Keurig machine in the kitchen.  As I’m walking back to my desk…I spot it…

An open box from Dunkin Donuts. Which means, someone had a meeting earlier….with donuts and now they are being left out for scavengers (me).

I start walking toward it and was thinking, “Ok I’m just going to look at what’s left…”

And there it was… a Reverse Boston Cream Donut staring at me. And my little voice said, “See bitch, I told you to get one of these earlier, and you didn’t. So fate brought it to you…”

Hence, God obviously wanted me to try this donut. Verdict: Cake part of donut is phenomenal. Just like the chocolate glazed but without the glaze.  The topping of this donut..also phenom…white frosting. My fave! But the filling…that’s where they lose me. It’s a reverse Boston Cream Donut so instead of the regular cream, it’s chocolate cream. And it is NOT tasty. At first I thought there was alcohol in it. And it’s very drippy. Blech.

SPEAKING OF DUNKIN’ DONUTS: Have you ever looked at the bottom of their receipts? I read it once and it says something like “Have you tried our delicious coffee and donuts yet?”

Huh? You are KNOWN for coffee and donuts. I could understand if it said “Have you tried our delicious flatbreads yet?” But it specifically references coffee and donuts. Not even Iced Coffee. Just coffee. So I’m guessing that the answer is “DUH. Yeah I’ve tried your coffee and donuts! Dummies.”

Won’t be recording the calories from my donut. It’ll be our little secret,


2 thoughts on “Clearly God Wants Me to Have a Donut

  1. I’m sorry, that just sounds like something you’d find on
    “Why’s your wife not talking to you?”
    “In the heat of the moment I thought I’d try a Reverse Boston Creme and dude, she was NOT cool with that!”


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