I Don’t Like Charlie Sheen


Look, I’m going to be honest…I started writing this whole long blog (you all know how windy I can get) and I just deleted it all. I need to keep it simple.

I never cared for Charlie Sheen. I never really gave him much thought. I never watched 2.5 Men. I just didn’t care.

NOW…I have not been this entertained in a long time.  Bravo, Charlie! Duh! Winning!

When I saw that he was going to be on the Piers Morgan show last night…I nearly peed myself. And tonight, he’s on 20/20 AND…

He just recently tweeted his first tweet and it was “Winning!” I’m at a loss for words.

Do I think he’s a little crazy? Yes. But look – he has had a way different up bringing and life than the rest of us. He is incredibly cocky and self-assured. And I’m actually jealous of that. I wish I could go around talking about Tiger Blood and Bitchin’ rock star from Mars.

Again, I’m just going to say again, I am LOVING Charlie Sheen right now.  He needs/deserves/should have a reality show immediately. Scripted television and movies are not his calling. If he decided to start a church right now…I would probably join.

Thank you Charlie. Seriously. I’m loving every single second.

Bring it!


PS. I’m clearly going to be adding many of Charlie’s recent quotes to my quote page. To pick only one would be the hardest decision of my life.

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