Warm Ketchup

Yes, I like warm ketchup and I’m baffled by folks who put their ketchup in the fridge.  AND then have the audacity to comment on my warm ketchup stored away in my pantry. Excuse me, have you ever had to ask a waiter to fetch ketchup for you out of the chef’s refrigerator? No. It’s all just sitting right there on the table. Which also reminds me…why don’t restaurants and everyone else just get on board with Heinz’s new bottle:



Remember how awful it was to tip that glass bottle upside down and nothing would come out?  Well now the (plastic) bottle is upside down. See, the lid is on the bottom??!! Yet, I go to many restaurants (and homes) that have the bottles upside down upside down. So therefore the ketchup is not flowing to the bottom, and hence the lid…but rather right back to the bottom.  And Heinz couldn’t have made it any easier for the dummies….just look at the label. If it’s upside down, then it’s all wrong. 
Speaking of warm ketchup…again…yes again!!! Have you ever gone through a drive thru at Burger King or got delivery from a sub joint (you got french fries, duh!) and got COLD packets of ketchup? No. And you didn’t complain then. So stop complaining or freaking out about my warm ketchup. At least I’m not going around calling it Catsup. Jeez.
Having said all of that, I still find it weird when people leave their butter out on the counter. WHY people WHY? That’s dairy!!!!! At least ketchup is filled with salt and vinegar which will keep it from spoiling. Plus, butter really can get too warm and smooshy. Blech.
 Anyone keeping score at home, I am still constantly getting hits on my blog from “Alec Baldwin hairy” searches done on the internet.  I mean, if you want more traffic on your blog, just mention him and his hairy chest. And viola….traffic.  But the latest one was priceless:
Alec Baldwin ohne hemd.
Luckily I speak a little German (kleine deutsche) and that translates into:  Alec Baldwin shirtless.
Oh Germany.   Ich liebe Alec Baldwin ohne hemd…NICHT!!! But okay, his picture is on my blog somewhere. Enjoy! Bitte!
Auf wiedersehen,
die xojmo

6 thoughts on “Warm Ketchup

  1. I keep my ketchup in the cupboard. So warm it is for me! But I don’t use ketchup often. About butter…my conundrum is that I prefer pure butter that comes in sticks, not the spreadable margarine that come in tubs. But I love to be able to spread my butter easily. Hate having to butter my toast with butter straight from my fridge! I’ll keep my butter out for a few hours. I hear that salted butter is fine since the salt acts as a preservative.


  2. I agree with liking warm, spreadable butter. So leaving it out for a few hours is fine. But all the time? Morning, noon, and night? No thanks. That’s just odd. I mean, it already comes refrigerated at the supermarket!


  3. My Nana kept the grated cheese in the cupboard too, and that always freaked me out a little because it got a little yellow and crumbly after a while. But as JMo pointed out, they don’t refrigerate it in the supermarket. But it does say “refrigerate after opening” on the package. I’m still here. Cupboard grated cheese didn’t kill me.


  4. Well hold up!! Grated cheese, while not refrigerated in the store, is like sealed up tight…once opened I do agree it should be in the fridge. That’s because it’s dairy. Ketchup isn’t dairy!! When I worked at the company that your bf works at now….well they got rid of fresh milk in the fridge and then shoved boxes of milk under the counters. WHAT?? Gross. I’m not an astronaut for God’s sake!!


  5. you can leave butter out on the counter in one of those french butter jar thingies. the one with the butter in the lid with the water in the jar. you change the water daily. keeps air away from the butter.

    also it’s “voila” not “viola.” don’t make me beat you.


  6. Where did I write Voila?? I was going to admit I suck and then I reread what I wrote and didn’t find it. What did I miss??

    And of course you are all for those french butter jar thingies. The french..bah!


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