The Royal Wedding Drinking Game

OBVIOUSLY tomorrow is the official wedding between Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton. If you didn’t know that, you must be living in a cave or don’t watch any news television programming of any kind.

I thought it would be cheeky to put together a tiny drinking game whilst you watch the wedding on your telly drinking some tea (or Mimosa!). Please feel free to add your own thoughts to the comments.

1. Drink if there is a celebrity spotting.

2. Drink if they show a commoner/spectator crying. Drink twice if it’s a man.

3. Drink if you notice horse droppings.

4. Drink if anyone does a royal-type hand wave.

5. Drink if someone mentions “Princess Diana”.  Drink twice if they refer to her as the People’s Princess.

6. Drink if the commentators refer to Kate as “Catherine.”

7. Drink if you see Harry’s ex-gf Chelsy.

8. Drink if you see Camila.  But that should be a given. You need a stiff drink to look at that hag.

9. Drink if a spectator holds up a sign such as “Marry me Harry.”

10. Drink if you see an American flag.

11.  Drink every time the commentators mention how Kate is taking a car instead of a carriage to Westminster Abbey.  Drink three times if they refer to her at Catherine.

12.  Drink if a political demonstration breaks out.  Drink twice if it’s a well choreographed flash mob.

13. Drink if the commentators say or pronounce anything Britishy. (Like how they pronounce “Schedule” or “advertisement.” )

Ok, so it’s on like Donkey Kong folks!! It’s almost finally here. I will be blogging about it, but do not expect minute by minute updates. Let’s hope some of my drinking game rules come true!!

Cheerio, pip pip and all that jazz,


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