Boston Bruins, Stanley Cup Champions!

Quick Post!! The Boston Bruins are the CHAMPS. They did it. The last time the Boston Bruins won a Stanley Cup it was before I was born. And it could never be spoken about without the words “Bobby Orr” involved in the same breath.

That was a lot to live up to. And I think it’s been a shaky dynasty under Jeremy Jacobs, but finally, the Bruins have won a Stanley Cup and they had to play THREE game sevens to get there.

Congrats guys!! Now please shave!!

2011 Stanley Cup Champions - OUR Boston Bruins!!!


I would’ve loved to have seen my era of Bruins win – you know – Neely, Janney, Bourque and Wesley (who both went on to win with other teams), Burridge, All three Sweeneys (Don, Bob and Tim), Brickley, LB, Nilan, Lemelin and Moog. But, alas, it was not meant to be. But these guys played hard and I’m happy for them.  I am still in awe of how HUGE Chara is. And I also explained to my nine-year old niece that I do believe Recchi was playing when I was her age. Her eyes got huge when she thought about how LONG ago that was.  And the funnest trivia of this team: They have players on the team who were born in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s!! Imagine being 19 years old and winning a Stanley Cup – Wow.

And speaking of my niece and nephew – they have no idea how lucky they are. Boston teams have brought home SEVEN championships in ten years.  We are Title Town for sure!!! Woo!!

Last but not least, Tim “Terrific” Thomas. Wow. First an Olympian and now a Champion! Congrats Tim.  I wouldn’t mind if you kept your beard though. That Brawny look works for you!!



Looking forward to another Duck Boat parade (yawn!),


5 thoughts on “Boston Bruins, Stanley Cup Champions!

  1. Ok seriously? Like a billion people has read this blog post and no one commented? That’s mean. Not even a “yay for the Bruins”? Nothing? Fine. Whatever. *sulk*


  2. I just read this one! And as elated as I was to witness a Stanley Cup Championship, I did sigh for a moment and thought about my Bruins who should have won. It took me a long time to get back into hockey after Neely hung them up. When they won, my sister and I had tears, imagine if they won back in the day?


  3. Have been a Bruins fan since 1968 when I saw Bobby Orr play against the Red Wings at the old Olympia arena in Detroit.I was 8 years old then and was playing organized hockey accross the river in Tecumseh,Ontario,Canada.I remember the Stanley Cup wins in 1970 and 1972 but this one was extra sweet due to the amount of time that has elapsed since their last championship win along with who they beat and how they had won to ultimately hoist the cup.But most impressive is how they can now get by Montreal their biggest rival.The curse is finally over and it is a pleasure to now be able to taunt Montreal fans as they had taunted us for so many years.Go Bruins!,…a repeat is possible.


  4. First of all, thank you for sharing!! Second of all, you are Canadian, eh? Hello friendly neighbor to the north. I’m happy to hear that you are a Bruins fan and didn’t end up liking some other team. Bleeding black and gold myself I can really appreciate what you said. Although this recent cup win was the only one I got to see. (’72 was still before my time. Albeit it just by a smidge.)

    Boo Habs!!!! Booo!!!


  5. Its all good. NFL draft tomorrow. C’s in the pofflyas. Football is back in a few months. The Bruins loss hurts but not as much as the SuperBowl. Bruins fans still have memories of partying at North Station less than 1yr ago, celebrating the CUP so that will carry us over until October. We Good lol. Boston is still the best sports city in the world so on to the next one


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