Do You See What I See?

(I know a bunch of y’all are clamoring for Part 2 of my riveting two part, or possibly three part, crime mystery. And I’m getting there, believe me.  It’ll be next!)

Whilst chatting with a friend earlier he said that anyone who didn’t like my blog could go “suck a bowl of dicks.” And that saying ALWAYS makes me giggle. And then I described what I thought an actual bowl of suckable dicks would look like. 

I pictured them in a glass bowl with ice, sort of like shrimp cocktail.

And he had a completely different idea of what it would look like.

So that got me thinking….WHAT visual do you have when you say or think of “go suck a bowl of dicks”??

Or are we the only two sickos who actually visualize that? For the record mine aren’t all bloody with detached veins sticking out. I guess they look more like dildos.

I can picture my sister saying “I never even heard of that before. Go suck a bowl of dicks? What??”



6 thoughts on “Do You See What I See?

  1. A bowl with dry ice in the middle, so “smoke” is pouring out like it’s a cauldron full of flaccid snausages.

    THREE parts? Aw hells naw.

  2. Well I certainly don’t want a wilty, room temperature dick to suck. Just sitting there in a bowl. I think the ice keeps them fresher. Dont you think?

  3. J/K. Won’t be three parts. Only if Officer Crotchphone and I go on a date. Which won’t happen cuz he likes guys. hahahaha.

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