Hey, JMo is Reviewing a Hotel at Which She Stayed Recently!

Hotel:  BEST WESTERN PLUS Stovall’s Inn

Where: 1110 W. Katella Avenue, Anaheim, CA 92802

Why: In Anaheim for Disney’s 2nd D23|Expo (held at the Anaheim Convention Center)


Close proximity to the Anaheim Convention Center (1/3 of a mile. The Best Western website says 1/2 a block. Say what? I don’t think so!!); Free continental breakfast; Free Wi-Fi. In all fairness there was a pool and fitness center but I used neither one of those so they either sucked or were awesome. But I have no idea. Oh and comfy beds.


*sigh*  Where to I begin? I don’t want to slam this hotel since it was, again, very close to my destination (and in walking distance of Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel, which lead to Downtown Disney) and I could possibly stay there again considering the deal we got on Travelocity or Orbitz. One of those!  But c’mon.  The lobby looked like it hasn’t been done over since the place opened. Already I’m creeped out.

Liberace called. He wants his bedroom back.
As we were walking to our room, there was some crazy set up (didn’t get a picture. DARN!) straight out of Alien or E.T.  Big tubes and fans and heat and machines making loud noises stuck into two rooms.  No idea what they were doing.  The guy mopping the elevator was standing there and I asked him, “hey what’s going on?” And he said “Oh they are cleaning the room. It’s more earth friendly now than using pesticides.”  “Oh ok. Thanks.”
Wait. What? Pesticides?? Pan over to big old Orkin truck and four guys sitting around in their hazmat suits waiting for those rooms to be “earth-friendlied.” I.E. all the bugs to be killed. Ack!
We get to the room and are freaking out. Is it bed bugs?? What if it’s bed bugs?? Let’s check. So we start tearing apart the beds, mattresses, etc. Honestly, I have no idea if I could spot a bed bug. I thought we should ask the front desk. Would they even tell us the truth? Probably not. And those rooms were way downstairs. And what else were our options? We’re smack in the middle of Disnelandville, in the middle of August, in the middle of convention time. Where the hell else would we get a room? Oh fuck it. Plus the room did look nice. I’ll take my chances.

But things aren’t always as they seem! The air condition was nowhere near the windows. Oh no. It was in the vanity/bathroom/coffee maker area. In fact, it was in the wall right above the microwave oven. Which was problematic, because besides being hella loud, the A/C leaked. Buckets. All over the microwave. Which was plugged in. And when the water would fall out of the A/C unit, it would splash onto the microwave and up onto the plug…which was plugged in, remember?  I’m no electrician, but that seems unsafe.

The other thing that I disliked immensely…ants. Not the big black ants, but the teeny tiny ants, are they sugar ants? All over the bathroom. I’m talking, all over the floor and crawling their way up the toilet. UGH!! Could Mr. Orkin make a house call for me?? At least they were tiny ants. I had to make sure they weren’t on the seat before I sat down in the middle of the night to pee. If they were big ants, spiders, or centipedes, I woulda been outta there. Pronto!! Between the ants and the loud A/C waiting to electrocute me or start a fire….I was sort of all set with Stovall’s Inn. Maybe next time I can save up and stay at the Grand Californian (yeah right! I will have to sell a lot of blood to do that), or at the Anabella Hotel which is even closer to the Convention Center AND they seem clean and classy. A little pricey, but if they have a silent A/C and NO bugs…I’m in!! Look people, this isn’t Florida. I expect bugs there. Then again, I was in Anaheim. Ick.

Best Western Plus?! Plus what? Plus ants, that's what!
Best Western Plus?! Plus what? Plus ants, that’s what!

I really enjoyed the free wi-fi though (email me if you want the code. it’s easy!) and CoCo’s was right at the corner. The food is really good. And who doesn’t enjoy a restaurant who has pictures of food in their menu? Love it!! Truth is, I have two years before the next D23|Expo. Hopefully they can clean up the ants and the waterfall in their rooms. Otherwise, I will stay elsewhere.

Buyer beware,

3 thoughts on “Hey, JMo is Reviewing a Hotel at Which She Stayed Recently!

  1. That lobby is atrocious! I had a similar experience when I was in Portugal this summer. I have a lot of things to write and post on my blog. Anyway, there was this one new hotel that graced one end of the beach. I mean new and modern. Very clean lines, lots of glass, sharp angles etc. I was staying at another hotel b/c I was trying to keep the costs low. I had been to this new hotel more than 5 times to have a drink at their outdoor bar but never went in. And when I did, I was like “whoooooooa, are we in seaworld or what?”. Big sea clams plastered on the wall paper. And when I say big, I mean gargantuan like they thought the walls acted like some aquarium! The carpet was plush. You could take a nap on it and feel perfectly comfy, but they were designed with these big outrageous gawdy patterns. I couldn’t reconcile the two diverging styles. It literally messed with my head. The interior designer must’ve been on something.


  2. Please please PLEASE tell me that you have pictures of that wallpaper??!! It sounds disturbing yet I want to see it! That is so weird. Like, who gave the final stamp of approval on that design. WEIRD. Especially in Portugal. Like Bahamas, I get it…kind of. But Portugal? Not so much!


  3. Sadly I don’t! Checked the stash of photos. I only have pics of the outside bar. My friend got married in Sesimbra, it’s a coastal town right on the beach, but still, it was over-the-top


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