Would You Rather…

Many years ago I bought the game “Would You Rather…” I seriously could not tell you how to actually play it because honestly, I just adore the questions it asks and nothing else.  Their answers tell a lot about a person. So I’m more interested in asking people these questions than playing the game. So I had a couple of the cards hanging around my desk, and randomly picked one to write a blog post.  Let’s begin:

First category is Pain | Fear | Discomfort.

Question: Would you rather sleep naked in a 10-foot by 10-foot room with 100 black widows OR ten rattlesnakes?

JMo answer: Ugh. Already I’m stumped. I detest spiders, so by default I have to go with the rattlesnakes. Not that I love rattlesnakes or anything. But the beauty of these questions is that you have to choose one, even when they are both disgusting and hard.

Second category is Appearance | Embarrassment.

Question: Would you rather wear pantyhose pulled over your head, without explanation, the next time you go to do some banking OR wear an “I love Bill Clinton” T-Shirt to the Republican National Convention for the whole day?

JMo answer:  Ok seriously…this is EASY. I do love Bill Clinton. And bitch please – I OWN that shirt already! So fuck yeah I’m wearing it to the RNC for the whole day. PLUS, banking? Who the hell goes into a bank anymore? Any pantyhose?  Stop the madness!

Third category is Food | Ingestion.

Question: If you could only drink one thing for the rest of your life, have it be breast milk OR germ free, but sour, cow’s milk?

JMo answer: UGH! For the rest of my life? Seriously? Drink only one thing? I guess it would have to be breast milk. I keep hearing how super good it is for babies, so at least I’d get some nutrients out of it. Plus, sour cow’s milk? How could one drink that? No way.

Fourth category is Ethics | Intellect.

Question: Would you rather have a scientist make one baby close of you OR never have any biological children at all?

JMo answer: Shit. I should’ve vetted this card before choosing it. Two slam dunks in one card…first I love Bill Clinton. Duh. And now I have to choose between my baby clone or not having any snot-nosed kids at all?  C’mon.  Anyone who reads this blog (and who doesn’t??) already knows what I would answer. If not, please see one of my greatest blog posts of all time. (Ok so trying to add a link and WordPress is being annoying. https://xojmo.wordpress.com/2011/03/14/my-biological-clock-must-be-digital-because-i-dont-hear-it-ticking/  So instead of linking it to text, which is way cooler, I am forced to just throw the link in. Whatever. Go read it!!)

Fifth and last category is Random.

Question: Would you rather kill Winnie the Pooh OR Bambi?

JMo answer: Another fitting question since I’m a Disneyphile. Also, sadly, an easy one. I would kill Pooh in a nanosecond. My goodness, he is annoying. Why can’t Christopher Robin teach him for grammar or spelling??

I will definitely have to revisit the Would You Rather… cards and choose one with harder choices. These seem to be tailored for me. And honestly I would not have chosen it. I don’t think it’s interesting when you can already guess the answers. Sorry to all my peeps! Maybe I’ll do another one later. Why not? It is labor day afterall. I should be laborious. Is that a word? Ah fuck it…too lazy to look it up!

Until next time,


3 thoughts on “Would You Rather…

  1. Ok you don’t get off that easy! 🙂 Back to the Ethics question. So what if you could make a clone of yourself BUT don’t have to keep it. So you know that there’s someone out there in the world with your DNA, but you don’t have to raise this baby???


  2. I think it’s safe to say that one JMo in the world is enough. But I don’t think I would ever feel comfortable passing off baby-me to someone else. I would of course dote on myself morning noon and night!


  3. 1) snakes
    2) Bill Clinton (the other scenario could get you killed — but I guess the Republican scenario could too)
    3) breast milk
    4) clone
    5) Bambi (I bet baby venison tastes like veal)

    On to part Deux.


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