How Could We Ever Forget?

Today marks ten years since the worst terrorist attack on the United States.  Of course that includes the fall of the World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and Flight 93 being taken over by the passengers.

What can be written or said that hasn’t been said already?  MSNBC was showing footage from that day…starting with the Today show with Matt and Katie who were to make sense out of a senseless act that was unfathomable at the time.  And instead of taking this time to talk about how horrible it was to watch those towers fall (I remember thinking, “What about the people in wheelchairs who didn’t even have a chance to make it down the stairs?”) or how heart wrenching it is to think about the decision those people had to make before jumping to their deaths, instead I wanted to talk about something else:

Is there anything else in this world that could EVER shock us? If you heard another plane was used as a weapon would you even cock your head to think about how that was possible, like we all did on 9/11? No. It would be “oh damn, really? again? That sucks.”

Think about it. People complain that violent video games and R rated movies desensitize the youth and/or make them criminals. Cut it out!! I watched plenty of heads getting severed during Mortal Kombat games and that didn’t make me want to go out and really try it. Nor did it make me desensitized to ACTUAL REAL head being decapitated. Remember Daniel Pearl?

I think what REALLY desensitizes people (at least me anyway), is seeing the most outrageous, scary things – things we never even thought would happen in society, but do – OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Let me go down the list:

  • Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing
  • Susan Smith who drowned her children alive in the car she put into the pond, while blaming a black person
  • Columbine School shooting
  • 9/11 – Airplanes being used as weapons against us.  Flown into buildings. When I first heard about the plane hitting the first tower I thought “Was it a propeller plane? Did the pilot have a heart attack?”  I had NO idea that a PLANE, like a big old airbus, could fly and essentially disappear into a building. Nor did I ever think that men would voluntarily fly that plane into that building and into a guaranteed execution
  • Hell, I’ll even throw in Janet Jackson flashing her boobie on TV and all the HELL that got raised after that.
  • Reality TV – people doing crazy stunts and eating bull testicles (Fear Factor), living on a deserted island for a month (Survivor), and sex tapes. Just to be famous
  • OJ Simpson, beloved football star, bludgeons two people to death and goes free
  • Casey Anthony, lies about the whereabout of her daughter for over a month, knowing that she was dead – goes free
  • Famous athletes raping, stealing, dogfighting, shooting – yet still getting paid millions of dollars
  • Hurrican Katrina, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people.”
  • Bombings and gassings on underground trains

Seriously. Can’t the list go on and on? Think about shit that has happened in the past 20 or 30 years….The real stuff that has happened in life, not in video games or in movies, that is the stuff that has desensitized me. And I cannot think of much else that would shock or surprise me. You?

When I think of 9/11 I can’t help but think of a schlub like me, sitting at her desk on a bright Tuesday morning. Not some rich executive at Cantor Fitzgerald. Just some pencil pusher, who felt unfulfilled by this job, but needing a paycheck. And because her cube was obviously nowhere near a window, had no idea that a plane was coming towards them and would kill her before she could even say goodbye or “I love you” to her family and friends.

Unfair. Uncool. Terrible. Scary as fuck. No matter how you look at it, it’s really fucked up. And speaking of fucked up – first responders should have ALL ailments and medical bills covered and paid for by…I dont care who. The government. Me. All Americans.  Don’t tell me that sucking in and breathing all of that shit and debris doesn’t cause cancer but causes carpal tunnel syndrome. Whatever. They ran into those building and sifted through the debris when the rest of us were running in the other direction and cowering in our homes. God bless the real heroes who weren’t even asked, but just did. Thank God for them.

Sorry. I know I babbled. And I didn’t even really talk about some other stuff I wanted to touch upon, like all the planes being landed across the country. That must’ve been a fun day at work for the air traffic controllers. Look, so much has changed over the course of my lifetime, I seriously do wish for a calmer, safer America. But instead I feel like we are veering out of control and down a path which will lead us to end up like the humans in Wall-E. We need to come together and help one another.  I won’t get political, but it CAN start there.

God bless you all – even if you don’t believe in God. May a higher power being looking after you and keep you safe.  Wouldn’t it suck to go to work tomorrow and after you put your Lean Cuisine in the freezer and get your instant cup of coffee – get senselessly murdered, just because you woke up and needed a paycheck? Senseless. Let the boys and their guns go off to war and kill each other. Let us here at home just go live our lives. Please.

Never Forget.

How could we??


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