Why Men are Stupid and Clueless

Ok quick post. Watching Jersey Shore.  Let me break it down:

Snooki calls Jionni. Jionni is Snooki’s boyfriend. Snooki and the rest of the cast is in Italy. Jionni is coming to visit Snooki. He tells her that Roger texted him to say that he won’t be able to go to Italy with Jionni because he cannot get off of work.

Meanwhile, Jenny aka JWoww is Roger’s girlfriend.  Snooki goes to tell Jenny that her boyfriend is not coming to Italy.

Reason #1 men are stupid: Roger texts Jionni but DOESN’T call his own girlfriend to break the news?????

Jenny calls Roger and he’s like “yeah I can’t get off work. It was denied.” Like all nonchalant.

Jenny starts to cry. understandably.

Reason #2 men are stupid: Roger hears Jenny crying and asks “What’s wrong?”

What’s wrong? What’s wrong Roger? Your friggin’ girlfriend is in Italy for work and the show is probably going to pay to fly you out there. She misses you a whole bunch and she found out through her friend’s boyfriend’s text message that you’re not coming…And you have NO idea at all why she is crying? You are so friggin’ dumb.

But before you all decry: “Oh they are dumb jocks who are stupid.” NO. I can imagine a whole bunch of guys also asking “What’s wrong?” as the love of their life cries on the phone. Look, if you don’t understand why she is crying, you don’t deserve her. It also means that you aren’t that hurt by staying home, and aren’t crying either. Which sucks. Not that we girls want blubbering crying morons, but jeez….at least say “Babe, I’m so sorry. I will make it up to you when you get home. I really miss you and could not wait to see you. I’m so sorry.”  Anything!! Say anything else besides “what’s wrong?”

Ok, that was my quick post for the night. I’ve got TWO hotels I need to catch you guys up on. And let me just tell you…SO much better than Best Western Stovall’s Inn Plus Ants.

Yeah buddy,


(PS Wrote this last week and I could’ve SWORN I published it. Guess not. Ooops)

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