Would you rather have one free trip to space or free international travel for life?

Going to space would be hella cool and also hella expensive. But since it’s free…that could persuade me. Maybe. However, I’m more than likely to just hurl chunks the whole time I’m up there. Plus…do what? Just circle the earth? Snore. Landing on the moon would be more fun. I heard there are robot aliens up there.

Free international travel for life? That’s more like it. I could go to Italy, Germany, Australia, back to Italy, Japan, France, Morocco, back to France, South Africa, Ukraine, Switzerland, Canada and on and on and on. For free! And you know my saying: “If it’s free it’s for me!!” Literally, that is my motto.

I think this is a no-brainer WordPress, who suggested I write on this topic.

I will take the free international travel for life.

What about you JMonsters?

Rocketman IS my favorite Elton John song,


2 thoughts on “Would you rather have one free trip to space or free international travel for life?

  1. Let’s ponder…..Say a space flight costs $250,000. Let’s also say that, under ther free-airfare-anywhere-plan, you would take about 6 trips/year (you do have to work still), until you’re too old to travel extensively anymore, maybe until you’re 85? So 50 more years. That’s 300 trips, at about $1200 each for just airfare, total $360,000. You’d get better monetary value out of the free-airfare-anywhere-plan. BUT, it’s easy to afford $1200 every other month for 50 years (in theory), but it’s not easy to come up with $250k all at once, in the near future. I’ll take the space flight (and blow chunks). Then I’ll buy my own ticket to go on a few of YOUR trips. Tuscany really is as beautiful as it looks in movies.

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