Fave New Quote

For those of you who are not reading JMo’s Favorite Quotes – Shame on you!! Shame!! But for those of you who have – thank you! And I always update it, so you never quite know what you are going to find.

Anyone out there familiar with TVGasm? Omg, this site is phenomenal. A bunch of really talented writers who are hilarious, recap your favorite shows. And boy are they creative. I once tried, TRIED, to try out for TVGasm and couldn’t even get through one horrendous show on Food Network. Needless to say, TVGasm is like phenomenal and is sort of like the Sports Guy’s mail bag but for reality tv whores like me. (They also recap shows like True Blood and American Horror Story.)

The awesomest is Flipit. When I see his name on a recap I get very excited. While reading his recent recap on the finale of Project Runway (which sucked by the way. I’m no longer watching. There! Take that Heidi Klum Seal!) he had the most wonderful quote which is really apropos of nothing:

“Wishes are a rip off. Fountains came up with them to rob you of your change.”

Wishes are a rip off! Which totally goes against my whole Disney philosophy. But oh well. It’s not easy being me.

Check out the quotes would ya?? You might even get inspired to leave your own in the comments!

I’m baaaaack!


P.S. Oh and TVGasm’s coverage of Big Brother (any BB season) should win a freakin’ award.

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