What Exactly Makes Them Generous?

Quick post:

I was putzing around my house and my television is on in the other room. I’m not paying attention since it’s only commercials (Damn you commercials! You get in the way of my TMZ time!) AND I’m busy humming “Now That We Found Love” by Heavy D (rest in peace pal. Didn’t I just see you in Tower Heist?). But a certain commercial stopped me right in my tracks.

I swore I heard “Generous Abortions.”

But after stopping dead in my tracks, I realized it was for a restaurant and they actually said “generous portions.” 


That got me thinking though….What would commercials for Abortion Clinics be like? I think “generous abortions” would get my business since I certainly don’t want them to skimp. This is serious shit right here!! Be friggin’ generous with the scooping.

All kidding aside. Abortions are something that clearly exist, are still legal (sorry present day Mitt Romney), yet are not really advertised anywhere other than maybe the  Yellow Pages.

Speaking of which, there must be a whole generation of people who have no idea about the Yellow Pages. Sadness. The bigger the ad, the more likely I’d call you!!

Can we think of other things that are legal but don’t get any time in advertisements? Leave it in the comments.


P.S. A lot of this is inappropriate. Having said that, it didn’t stop me from bursting out laughing when rereading. I love that I make myself laugh. *sigh*

2 thoughts on “What Exactly Makes Them Generous?

  1. Imagine gun commercials?? I’d be sick.

    I can’t even stand stepping into Bass Pro Shop. Ugh. And those shooting games for kids??? Indoctrination!! But I guess that type is okay but you can’t sing a song to Obama.

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