Feast for All!? (Don’t Be Silly)

Pepto Bismol has decided to launch its first ever “social good campaign” and is asking us on Facebook to create a “Feast for All.”  How do we do this? Easy, by clicking Like on the Pepto Facebook page. For each Like it gets, Pepto will donate 8 meals to Feeding America.

I had first heard about this on one of those entertainment shows because the big gay guy from Modern Family (who really isnt’ gay in real life. I’m just sayin’.) is the face of this campaign. And after they said “Pepto will donate 8 meals!”, they quickly added “Up to two million.”

I had to do some research on this. Was it up to 2 million meals, or 2 million likes? 2 million likes is 16 million meals and that’s pretty bad ass. Turns out….up to 2 million meals which turns out to be only 25,000 Likes.

Feast for All? JK!

I am refusing to like the Pepto Bismol page and I’ll tell you why. For the same reason I hate those “Mail in your yogurt caps to donate to breast cancer” campaigns – the companies obviously budget the money out that they are going to give to the charity…so instead of making us DO something like wasting a stamp or being too lazy and not doing anything at all…why don’t they just do the right thing and donate the money or the meals?

So Pepto budgeted to give up to 2 million meals….but what if they only get 16,000 likes? Will they not donate all those other meals? That is so dickish! Stop being dicks and say “Hey guess what America, we just donated 16 million meals to Feeding America. Will you please Like our Facebook page now?” And you know what….I would. I would click Like in a nanosecond. Go Pepto!

But instead, I’m holding out. I guess Feeding America will get 8 less meals this Thanksgiving.



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