It’s That Time of Year!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Wait a minute. What time of year is that? Oh yeah, the war on Christmas!! I’m not usually one to give a crap about the supposed “War on Christmas”, but when I hear stories about how people want them to be called “Holiday Trees” instead of “Christmas Trees”, well I get a little  nutty.

Remember the whole “walk like a duck and quacks like a duck” thing…yeah well, let’s use that for the damn tree, ready?

1. Some sort of evergreen tree, put up in December.

2. Decorations of some sort.

3. Most likely lit up with white or multi-colored lights.

4.  Possible tinsel or bows adorn the tree.

5. Star or angel on top.

That’s the textbook definition of a Christmas Tree. Not a Holiday Tree. Maybe if it were July and it was a palm tree with red, white and blue ribbons on it…maybe then you could call it a holiday tree.

But if it is December, and it’s an evergreen tree with light and decorations, it’s a damn Christmas Tree. Even if you aren’t religious. That’s just what it is. Just like a tennis racket is a tennis racket. And a menorah is a menorah.

So please everyone, if someone says “Merry Christmas” to you, just say “Thanks” or “You too” and be on your way. There’s no reason to freak out.

Let’s take advantage of people actually feeling festive and nice this time of year. Because before we know it, it’ll be January and we’ll all be back to being bah humbug miserable.

Merry Merry,


One thought on “It’s That Time of Year!!

  1. For real. Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas in a religious way, that’s what it is. At one point I thought about celebrating Yule, or Solstice, or any of the others, but then I realized… bullshit. For me it’s all about the tree and Rudolph and Santa and the Charlie Brown Christmas Special and Opus and Bill’s A Wish for Wings That Work and advent calendars and goddammit that’s Christmas.

    I do like Zappadan, though.

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