He Really Said That?

Anyone who has read my blog at length will find it no surprise that I am by no means a conservative Republican.  Ok, so I’m FOR the death penalty and torture, but other than that, I’m more of a Peace, Love, (Drugs), and Rock n Roll type of gal.  For those of you who are just joining us…JMo is a Democrat. Or at least I hate the least amount of people. Let’s start there.  I’m kind of like “Live and let live” as long they you’re not raping children or animals. Or taking pictures of people raping children and animals and posting them on Tumblr. Or wherever you put that kind of stuff. (On Pete Townsend’s computer?)

So let me get down to the HE who said THAT. The frothy Senator Rick Santorum said this about that:

Citing the work of one anti-poverty expert, Santorum said, “He found that even fathers in jail who had abandoned their kids were still better than no father at all to have in their children’s lives.”


Ok so he’s quoting some random “anti-poverty expert” but HE still said it. And believes it.

Fathers… in jail…who abandoned their kids….better than no father at all.

Are you fucking kidding me right now?

And we all know what he’s getting at…. Better to have a dead beat felon as a DAD than have two moms.

OMG – enough with the “We hate gays” agenda the Republicans seem to hang their hat on. We get it. Remember when you hated the blaaaaaaa….people too? You know, back in the fifties? Guess what? Now they use the same public bathroom as you!!!! Oh help us Jesus! (I’ll get to you in a minute, Jesus H. Christ!  Don’t think you are getting off scott free in this.)

Doesn’t everyone know at least ONE gay person by now? Are they REALLY that different from you? I mean, besides the sex part….WHAT is so different? Don’t ya love Elton John? He’s gay you know! And filthy rich. And oh my God, has a kid. Who would be way better off with a guy in jail as his dad?? Wait what? This doesn’t even make any sense. He’ll be a job creator one day. And he is probably straight. Oh I’m so confused now.

So at my age, I haven’t had an abortion yet (and knock on wood, I don’t need to) but I kinda like knowing that I COULD have one, you know, in case I get raped by some psychopath weirdo. So then that rapist weirdo goes to jail and would be a better father to my bastard child than if I had a female partner? Whaaaaaaa??

I’m straight. But really? I would rather be gay than hook up with those thugs they show us on Lock Up every weekend on MSNBC.  Has Rick Santorum ever seen those guys?? Seriously?

Ok so on to Jesus. NO I don’t think Jesus cares about this election, nor do I think he cares about Football. (Sorry Tim. GO PATS!). But what I do think he cares about is us….you know….the people of earth. I think he cares about: Are we nice to one another? Help each other out when needed? Let old people cut us in line at the supermarket or at Panera? Share the wealth?

And I think the last thing he cares about is who is banging who up the bum.

That was harsh. I’m sorry.

So what if Jesus came back down to earth now? Do you really think that people like Michelle Bachmann and Santorum would actually LIKE Jesus? I don’t. Jesus would see starving people and would start passing out loaves or bread and fish (and wine. Oh yeah!). And this group of conservatives would be like “Whoa whoa whoa. Take out a small business loan, open your own shop and become a job creator.”

Can you imagine? Jesus Christ, LLC??

I think that as long as there is hate in this world, I mean true hate, not like, “Oh man I hate Nick Jonas’ girlfriend” – as long as the hate and ignorance continues, this world will always be at war. With one another. In the streets. In the news. Just hate everywhere. Goin’ to hell in a handbasket.

I don’t know. I HATE (hee) getting on my soap box, but things just don’t make sense to me and I need to vent. He cannot truly believe that having a father in jail is better than having a gay parent?  It’s 2012!!

I’m so afraid of the folks who want to be in charge of my FREEDOM and yours.

Peace, love and happiness (and Mickey Mouse) remember??



2 thoughts on “He Really Said That?

  1. Just had to say this was a great post — I agree with everything you say, Rick Santorum is an ignorant, waaay too-old fashioned disgrace in the race. I wish that people in politics would focus more on the important issues like war and taxes and our education system than the really non-issue of gay people raising children. It’s ridiculous.

    On another note, this was my favorite line: “NO I don’t think Jesus cares about this election, nor do I think he cares about Football. (Sorry Tim. GO PATS!).” I completely concur. GO PATS!! 🙂

  2. So I was thinking about how you tied in his strict pro-life stance, because he’s one of those freaks who are SO anti-abortion that he wouldn’t even allow it in cases of rape or incest. He’s like the vegan of being pro-life. He would force me into being a single mom & have to explain to a kid that his/her daddy raped me (& is in jail). And let’s cut all funding for social programs that could assist me too. Way to help me out, Rick. Woo-hoo, the American dream!

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