Let’s Not, and Say We Did

“What do you say we bring back a little civility to the WEB?”

In case you haven’t heard, it’s “Be Nice on the Internet Week.” I shit you not. Did you even KNOW there was such a thing? And honestly…a week? I couldn’t (and didn’t) even last one day.  The internet was not made on which to be nice. It was made to bitch and moan and find other people who bitch and moan about the same things and revel in it.

In case you still don’t believe me, here is the actual picture:

Let's not and say we did!

Let’s, for a moment, try to ignore the terrible picture of the woman (?) feeling up the chest of a robot who looks like Rosie from The Jetsons  (kids, look it up. I nearly peed myself when they made a Flinstones/Jetsons cross over movie.). But did you know that when we use things like FML or STFU, that those are “Negative Social Shorthand?”  I certainly didn’t. So there, I’ll be nice this one time by saying “Thank you for teaching me something. And now that I know what “NSS” is, I’m going to make up MORE of them.”

(I’m still in the dark as to what KISS is…anyone?)

TMS = Toss my salad

TIGB = Toss it good, bitch!

WTFH = What’s the fucking holdup? (Waiting in line for coffee)

MNA = Move now, asshole! (Will come in handy at a red light where the person in front of you obviously forgot they were waiting for light to turn green, and instead just enjoys standing still in the middle of the road.)

Ok, I’ve had enough fun. Now it’s your turn. I want to read your NSSes (It’s like ROUSes!) in the comments below. And don’t bother being nice. I’m not interested!


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