Move Over Peter Pan

It’s finally happened. A few nights ago…I had a dream…and in that dream… I flew!!

Now I know that people have that dream quite often. I never ever have. I am not exaggerating.

I was having what people call a lucid dream. That’s where you are dreaming but are aware that you are dreaming. It’s when you are in the middle of sleep and awake basically.  It’s only been recently that I’ve been trying to become aware that I’m dreaming. But this is the first time that I said “oh this isn’t real. I’m dreaming. So let’s try flying!”

So here’s the deal. In my dream I was at a local outdoor shopping center which happens to be next to a major sporting arena.  I stumbled upon a Q’doba (clue number one that this was a dream. Q’doba in the wrong place) and went in to get some grub. Well the place was being run by the Island of Misfit Toys misfit toys. One person was wearing a black leather eye patch. Another was completely missing an eye but forgoing the patch. Another was missing an arm. It was all so strange.

Once I escaped that place, I did realize that I was in the middle of the parking lot, and nowhere near where the Mexican restaurant and that’s when I thought “Let’s try flying.” And while I had no idea how to do it, apparently you don’t need to know. I just sort of lifted myself off the ground and flapped my arms a bit. But it was really more in the shoulders. Yes, I would say the key to flying is all in the upper shrug of the shoulders.

OH OH OH…and the best part….I was invisible too!! So I was able to fly around and no one could see me. Which was cool because a big game was being played in the arena I mentioned earlier. So my plan was to fly over there and eventually fly across the whole length of the field.

Well, I flew into the stadium just fine. And of course no one saw me…. But yeah..that’s when my dream turned into a usual JMo crappy-assed dream. I have the worst luck in dreams. Like, why can’t I just have the most kick ass awesome dreams where I’m on a yacht vacationing with hot dudes? Nope. All of my dreams are usually anxiety ridden and sucky. And so even though I could fly..AND be invisible…thinks started sucking. I couldn’t find a good place to kick off. I kept running into dead ends, or inside (??) where I could possibly fly out of a window…but I didn’t want to. I wanted to just be free….and fly across the whole field. But nope.

Hey, at least I got to fly in a dream FINALLY. I’m so excited.

Have you flown in a dream? More than once?


3 thoughts on “Move Over Peter Pan

  1. I’ve never flowin in a dream, though I’ve had a few ultra lucid dream experiences. What a marvel it must be! I’m sorry to hear your dream didn’t maintain that freedom. But at least you did get to experience it! 🙂

  2. I have falling dreams. They started when I was really little. I used to dream that I fell over the railing at the top of our staircase. But the fall was much longer than one flight of stairs. Now I dream about falling out of planes.

  3. I rarely have falling dreams. They say that if you dream that youa re falling and you hit the ground…then you die! Do you ever hit the ground? Meanwhile the WEIRDEST dream I ever have is when I got shot in the head (yes with a bullet from a gun) and while trying to get myself to the hospital I kept thinking NOT “omg I’m going to die.” But rather “OMG, now I’m going to be dumb.” WTF? TMS!

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