This is My Brain NOT on Drugs. For Real.

Why is “steampunk” a word all of a sudden? And why don’t I know what it means? And why am I too lazy to find out? I’m still not even sure what “emo” means. It makes me think of Brian Eno.

I can’t decide what my favorite Prince song is. Is it “Raspberry Beret” or “Purple Rain”? Is it weird the two I picked have colors in them? Do people consider “raspberry” a color? I also really dug the song he did for the Batman soundtrack. iTunes sucks because they don’t have that song.  Actually Prince sucks because he doesn’t want his music on the internet or something. Can’t even find it on YouTube. Although they have the PartyMan song. But I don’t like that. *sigh*

“Ever dance with the devil in the pale moon light?”

Is there anyone COOLER than Jack Nicholson? Doubtful.

You know that song “For the life of me. I cannot remember. What made us think that we were wise and we never compromised. For the life of me, I cannot believe we ever died for these sins, we were merely freshmen”? Yeah that song. Well I honest don’t give a flying fuck what their sins were. I want to know what the hell is “She was touching her face” about. Um okay… ? Then again, I admitted to LOVING a song by R.E.M. that has the lyric “And your drifting off to sleep, with your teeth in your mouth.” That deserves a big ol’ Um Okay too, but I love that song, so shove it everyone!! You did fall asleep with your teeth in your mouth, didn’t you?

Purple Rain! No! Raspberry Beret. *sigh* They are so different. One a sad slow song, the other an upbeat dance tune. How will I ever choose?!

Confession: I hate the song Mony Mony. Just despise it. Almost as much as I despise carrots. Oh and raw Broccoli tastes so much different from cooked Broccoli doesn’t it? Raw broccoli is just disgusting. Blech.

Do tangerines still exist? Or is it only just oranges and clementines now?

How much do I LOVE that the Captain of that Italian cruise ship that sank…How much do I LOVE that he said he “tripped” into the lifeboat?!?! Holy shit that is the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. And the best part about the audio of the coast guard telling him to get back onto the ship…is when the guy says “Christo!” Obviously Italian for “Christ!” It just sounds so much classier in Italian. Rather than some Italian-American from NYC saying “Christ!” haha.

“I tripped into the lifeboat.” OMG. BEST EXCUSE EVER. It’s like he is the walking epitome of the song “Wasn’t Me…” Shaggy should make a new song with the lyrics pertaining to that captain. “Heard the screams (of the cruisers) getting louder…Wasn’t me….”

Am I the only one who doesn’t really care about the piracy stuff online? Look, no one can control the internet. It’s not going to happen. Let people have their free porn and their free movies and move on. Christo!

I still haven’t decided if I like Bruno Mars.

Ok so I keep reading these stories that Rhianna and Chris Brown not only follow each other on Twitter (WTF) but they also send public, yet secret, tweets to one another. Really? That’s really fucked up if true. Rhianna…you’re gorgeous. The last thing you need is a guy who smashes your head in while you’re wearing a pretty dress. Guy’s got some anger issues. You can do SO much better. If this shit is true though…you do deserve to lose some fans. Sorry.

Did Beyoncé really have that baby? Or did a surrogate carry it? Honestly. I’m not sure. Why would she feel ashamed of having a surrogate? Or did she not want the surrogate to get harassed by the media? Or perhaps it’s Jay-Z’s sperm and some other lady’s eggs? Ooooh. Scandalous. She probably did have it. Can you imagine a more lucky kid? OMG! Spoiled!

I heard that Foster the People song about the Columbine shootings…let’s be honest, that’s what you all think. And gosh, I really dig that song. And for whatever reason, it reminded me of American Horror Story. And boy, do I miss that show and the characters already. And Tate….poor Tate. Crazy murderer just wantin’ to be loved.

Ok, so I have to go get ready for FaceOff. Nix? Beki? Seriously? Are these people’s real names or did they just change them to crazy assed names when they turned 18. What’s wrong with Nick and Becky?

Tired. Night night.


2 thoughts on “This is My Brain NOT on Drugs. For Real.

  1. methinks you need some drugs to slow down that locomotive! Talk about free association!!! love it.

    I hated prince until I saw purple rain the movie. kick ass song and album

    raspberry beret is just ok……

    Jack is THA MAN!!

    I dig Bruno Mars… kids have brainwashed me with “that crap you listen to”. Fiddlebebump!!

    Steampunk??? I’m out of that loop……but anything Punk rules. EMO escaped me for a long time too…..i understand it to be that deep, soulful, heroin tripping music, played by (mostly British) shoe gazer bands……kind of like Morrissey but on the nod

    Italian Coast Guard……”you did what???” when the captain said he left. awesome

    REM….tons of lyrics that don’t make sense, and the world did NOT end as I know it.

    I’m curious about the Columbine song, I’m gonna look it up.

    The rest of this stuff doesn’t deserve the mind space you are giving it. In my opinion……

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