Hospital Chocolate Pudding

I hate going to wakes and funerals. But if you’re in the hospital…you can sure as hell bet I’m coming to visit you. You know why? NO, it’s not because I give a crap about your bum knee or the operation you just had! Hells no. I come for one reason:

Hospital chocolate pudding.

Every hospital cafeteria has it. It’s always next to its uglier sister, cubed Jell-O. There it is…chocolate pudding with some sort of whipped topping. And if you are really lucky….a whipped topping layer in the middle as well.

I adore hospital chocolate pudding. It’s a rare treat that, well, you can only have if you are IN a hospital. I would never actually GO to a hospital without a “good” reason. You know, a reason besides visiting someone. So please don’t think I would make a special visit just to get the yummy brown goo. That’s why it’s so good….it’s rareness. You’ll only have a few occasions in life to actually eat the hospital chocolate pudding. I crave it. I really do.

Here’s to hoping that someone I know trips, slips and falls in a puddle and breaks a wrist. I’ll be right by their bedside, flowers in hand, offering to grab them something to eat. “I’ll run down to the cafeteria. I totally don’t mind! Be right back!”

Until next time Hospital Chocolate Pudding, whenever that may be,


P.S.  What is your secret food obsession that is kind of embarrassing? Say “human flesh” and I’ll secretly admire you from afar.

6 thoughts on “Hospital Chocolate Pudding

  1. I’m not really embarrassed by any of my food obsessions. You don’t cross the 300 pound mark by having THAT issue. If you like hospital chocolate pudding, though, it’s all about the Sysco food service pudding in the giant drums. We served that at the nursing home I worked at and I guarantee you it’s the same stuff!

  2. The caf downstairs has hospital chocolate pudding! And they do the layers! And it’s a huge container of it, and it’s cheap too. Love, love, love it.
    I like Eggo waffles with peanut butter instead of syrup….because I got up late for school every single day, and I could run to the bus stop with them.

  3. I cannot believe you ever worked in a nursing home. I feel like you must’ve f*cked around with the poor old people. Also, stop ruining the mystery of the hospital chocolate pudding! I don’t care where it comes from!

  4. Ahh, chocolate pudding – er, hospital chocolate pudding. Lol, nope, never tried it. As for waffles and peanut butter, that sounds delicious, but I’d need the syrup with it too. I like French toast with peanutbutter and syrup, so I imagine waffles would work with it too. But not pb alone, gotta have the syrup too.

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