One More Disney Day (That I’m Not There!)

Today, February 29, 2012 Disney is keeping two of its theme parks open for 24 hours straight.  Both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom are open from 6 a.m. today to 6 a.m. tomorrow (March 1).  This morning Mickey and Minnie Mouse greeted sleepy-eyed (but excited) guests in their pajamas.  I’m sulking because I want to get my picture taken with the Mouses in their pajamas. This is probably something I’ll never accomplish in my life. Or may in four more years IF/WHEN Disney decides to do this again and I get off my ass and actually do something about it.

Do what, you may ask? Easy. Get my butt down to Florida to visit Magic Kingdom for 24 hours straight. OR I can be like this couple from Washington D.C. that flew to Florida and entered MK with a check off list: Ride all the rides in the MK that are also at DL (Disneyland, for you guys that aren’t hip). You see, both parks do not share all the same rides. But there are some that overlap. Like Splash Mountain, Dumbo and it’s a small world.

So they were checking off those rides, once they rode them….and then they are taking that list with them to the West Coast where they are going to enjoy Disneyland. All in one day.

Now, I know there are a majority of you out there that are reading this, incredulous to the fact that anyone would do such a thing. But let me tell you something…the husband, the one who came up with this plan…is my dream guy.



 Seriously, this guy (albeit not HIM personally exactly) is my dream guy. I would love to find a guy as obsessed with Disney and its theme parks as me! Someone who over the morning newspaper, would fold it down and say “Oh honey, I think we should do One More Disney Day at both parks!” and then I would jump into his lap and we’d sing the duet of  “A Whole New World.”

I gave up on my Disney Dream Man long ago. I’ve gone to both coasts multiple times; to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. To two D23 (for the superfans) Expos. I’ve even done the cruise. And nope…never ran into my Prince Charming. Listen, I understand that looks are on the table here and I may have to give up a handsome mate for a guy who knows the chronological release dates of all Disney/Pixar films. *sigh* He can be chubby. I don’t mind. I would like to keep him tall. If I may.  Hair would be nice too…wait let me be on his head would be nice too. And I would love him….because he would love Disney and me.

I still hold on to the hope of staying at the Polynesian Resort. And taking a walk along the torch lit path…and maybe one (more Disney) day end up on the beach of the Seven Seas Lagoon, watching my Disney Dreamboat get down on one knee and present me with a token of true love (via Carl and Ellie):

Someday my prince will come (fingers crossed!),



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