Is This Some Sort of Fetish I Don’t Know About?

You know, I try to write as much as I possibly can, and also try to write something original and fresh. Like yesterday, for example, I wrote about my love of Disney and hoping I will find my better Disney half. Okay, maybe that’s not up everyone’s alley, but it was honest and interesting (I think).

Yet every day the most traffic I get is from one search term: Ketchup.

I don’t get it. A while back I wrote one blog about ketchup, Warm Ketchup, to be exact. But people aren’t even searching the term “warm ketchup.” They are just searching “ketchup” and somehow landing on my blog. Look, I’m not complaining. I’ll take the traffic. But no one is commenting. Nothing. So, my question is: Why are people searching for the term “ketchup”? Not “ketchup ingredients” or “nutritional value ketchup”, just ketchup. Why? What is there to know? Is it a foreign food for some? I don’t get it. Or is a fetish thing that I don’t know about? I certainly know I could Google that, but to be honest…some thing are better left unknown. If y’all want to smear ketchup one other and then roll around in a kiddie swimming pool covered in red goo…then by all means – have at it! But I wish I could get the scoop on why so many people are searching the term “ketchup.”

I totally get why the second most popular term bringing traffic to my site is “Alec Baldwin Hairy Chest.” haha. (Oh you gotta be a long time reader for that one.)

Heinz or Hunt’s?


2 thoughts on “Is This Some Sort of Fetish I Don’t Know About?

  1. Mine is “Moves like Jagger nip slip”. That’s the favorite search term and it wasn’t even about the song — it was about skankalicious Nancy Grace doing a tit flop on national television. LOL


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