So I started blogging because I love to write and thought it would be fun to see if anyone would like what I wrote.

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t know if it’s worth it anymore.  Thousands have read my blog and maybe I’ve accumulated maybe 100 comments. Really?

I don’t know. Most of the comments come from people I already know. Which means I cannot entice new readers to respond to anything I write. Nothing is catching on. I’m just sort of over it right now.

Why bother stringing together witty sentences and fun banter if no one gives a shit?

I barely even give a shit anymore and I’m the author of this mess.



5 thoughts on “Unsure

  1. Oh hell no! Do you have ANY idea how stoked I was to see a new xojmo pop up on my FB wall? Besides, you just said 1000s have read your blog. Where else are people going to find their breaking Alec Baldwin hairy ketchup news?

  2. No, don’t give up. We’re here. We care. I know it’s tough, but keep getting the word out as best you can. I’ve only been at blogging for a month, so I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’ve found that if you find the right blogs to comment on, you’ll find more people following you, those that have an interest in what you write! I do and so does virginialandscaping!

  3. Just b/c people aren’t leaving comments doesn’t mean they aren’t reading your posts or appreciating what you write. Not everyone feels comfortable writing a comment either. Keep at it! As long as you have a following, people care; we do!

  4. I feel like you do most days – is it worth it. Between my crazy stalkers and some of the booger eaters that the true crime community draws in, sometimes I think I’d rather just write in my paper journal so I can offend myself if I damn well wanna and no one but me will read it.

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