Pinkberry, Shminkberry

Pinkberry. Finally came to my neck of the woods! Finally. I read about places like Pinkberry and Sprinkles Cupcakes out in LaLa land….and I wonder, “What are they like?”

Well I wish that Sprinkles Cupcakes made it here instead. Because Pinkberry….it failed to live up to the hype. At least in my mind.

First of all, the line was long. I think I’ve waited in line LESS TIME for Space Mountain in mid-August than I did for Pinkberry today. I wouldn’t mind but they had six flavors. How is this so difficult for people to decide and move on?

Second, the toppings. WTF. These are not toppings for frozen yogurt. Organic fruity bears? Mochi? What about Jimmies and M&M’s? I guess candy is taboo. Mostly everyone had fruit on their Pinkberry frozen yogurt. Fruit? C’mon. Kiwi and pineapple? No thanks.

I got the chocolate frozen yogurt. It was okay. At least it wasn’t tart and tangy like the original was tagged. I don’t want my frozen yogurt to be tart and tangy. I want it sweet and creamy…which is exactly what another new frozen yogurt shop at the mall had out as their slogan. Darn it, next time I’m going to that place. Damn, if Brigham’s was still there I would just get regular fattening ice cream!

I’m not going to be heading to Pinkberry again any time soon. Probably never. So God bless those people waiting in that huge long line. I’m gonna skip it and look for Sprinkle Cupcakes instead.

What do you think about Pinkberry? Honestly!


4 thoughts on “Pinkberry, Shminkberry

  1. TCBY used to have a yogurt banana split that was to die for!! Never had pinkberry’s, but I’m with you — go for the gold. Get the ice cream instead.


  2. We don’t have Pinkberry here, but we do have a similar place called Menchi’s. Same concept. Too expensive and very strange flavors. Not a place I would go back to.


  3. Very strange. I’m not impressed. Pinkberry should go back to the West Coast. Bring back TCBY!

    Denise: I got the chocolate crunchy sauce which I also had to pay extra for. Again, not impressed. I wish I got an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel instead. Would’ve saved four bucks!


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