Thanks a Lot, Smartphones!

Maybe it’s just me (and it usually is) but does it annoy anyone else when people “work bomb” you from their smartphone WAY after quitting time?  These rogue emails (clearly sent by a Blackberry or iPhone, thanks to the little slogan at the bottom of the email) rub me the wrong way – royally! And I’ll tell you why:

They beg a couple of questions:

1. Was this really so friggin’ important that you couldn’t have saved this until tomorrow when we actually saw each other at work? Or were you too chicken shit to actually talk to me about it face to face? (Most likely)

2. Was this SO pressing that you had to forego the laptop/official Outlook email with work signature just so you can actually shit on something I worked really hard at?

3. Did you just forget to ask me this dumbass question the 49 times you saw me today and then WAY after quitting time remembered “Oh I forgot to ask JMo something that could totally wait until tomorrow, but I want to break her balls at 7pm at night about it?”

Well guess what, you ninnies?! I’m not answering you. Y’all can just wait until tomorrow…you know when I’m on the clock. The only people I will answer after hours are a) my boss and b) my work friends. And even then that’s suspect. How do they know I’m not busy having sex with some stranger in the 2nd floor public restroom at the library and just can’t get to my phone?

Dude, leave me alone!! I’m busy! (Ok, not really, but let me pretend I’m actually popular and busy doing something fun, or at least religious and maybe in Confession! Dear Father, its been 6,894 days since my last confession and holy shit do I need to vent! Hold up, my BB is chiming. Oh it’s work. You know, cuz nothing is more important than work. Not even Jesus or 15 Hail Marys.)

I would like to add, that I’m not talking about anyone who would actually read this post. Anyone who is a FB friend AND a work cohort should not think that this is about them in any way shape or form. Because it’s not.

I’ll tell you all about it, you know, tomorrow WHEN I’M AT WORK!



2 thoughts on “Thanks a Lot, Smartphones!

  1. Didn’t the world revolve, work got done, appointments were made, life went on before cell phones? Why do people feel the need to constantly be on the phone? It used to be that only the weirdos were the ones “talking to themselves” in the street…well, maybe it’s still the case. :o)

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