Countdown to Boston Comic Con: It’s On!

Ok… Boston Comic Con opens up one week from today.  Due to a prior work thing (ugh) on that Saturday, I will have to attend the Sunday session of Comic Con. I’ve never been to a Comic Con, but why do I feel like all the fun stuff will happen on Saturday? Plus spontaneous “Let’s go get beers, Jedi Knights!” might break out on a Saturday. We shall see.

So in order to get ready for Operation: Get a Date at Boston Comic Con, I stopped by Newbury Comics to find the perfect “Look at me, I’m a nerd!” shirt.  Unfortunately, I was very much unimpressed with their selection. Tomorrow I will check both Kohl’s and Target. They usually have fun, vintage-looking nerd shirts.

If you are planning to be at the Boston Comic Con on Sunday AND you want a date….hit me up. Otherwise I will be trolling my ass through there looking for a man to pounce on. Meow!

Wish me luck,


4 thoughts on “Countdown to Boston Comic Con: It’s On!

  1. I’ll be there running around taking pictures of people in costume! If you were planning to go in costume I might very well stop you for a picture. Maybe I could include people wearing nerdy shirts in my photographic adventure.. Hmm..

  2. I will not be wearing costume. (Unless I wanted to pull of Jabba the Hut). I’ll have to check out the photographers! Do you have a press pass?

  3. No press pass. Just running around stopping everyone as usual. It’s more chaotic that way! Haha

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