With This Ring, I Thee…

Nothing! I thee nothing! I wear rings on both ring fingers. I’ve actually been engaged AND married so I thought I knew what those rings looked like. I purposely don’t wear anything diamondy on my left ring finger. BECAUSE I’M SINGLE NOW!

In fact, I recently bought the most kick ass stackable ring(s) at TJ Maxx and it is very bling bling. So I purposely wear that on my right hand. I don’t want anyone getting the wrong idea like I’m taken or something.

Because clearly I am not taken. I’m like the opposite of taken. I’m quite available actually.

On my left ring finger I wear a ring I fell in love with a billion years ago and my sister bought for me for Christmas (also a billion years ago). The main stone is an aquamarine. It’s just pretty. And no it’s not my birthstone. I just like it. And at no point did I think that anyone would think it was an engagement ring.

Now over the years I have been asked about it. Few and far between, there have been folks that thought it may be something of significance….Nope. I just like it.

But today in a meeting someone I’ve worked with for years now, asked me if the ring was an engagement ring. And I was like “Oh no. Just a ring. I’m quite single and available.” And this other chick chimes in, “Oh I totally thought you were married.”

What? Huh? If you think I’m married, then what must others think. I immediately wanted to take the ring off and hurl it across the room but I figured my sister wouldn’t appreciate that. So I waited until I got home – THEN I took it off and hurled it across the room.

Actually I just took it off and placed it in my jewelry drawer. I’m going to try something new though – NOT wearing a ring on THE ring finger. I would hate to think a suitor has been scared off by that ring. I mean, if anything, get scared off by my huge fingers. Hence why I wear jewelry; so that people will feel slightly better about my ape hands because they make rings in my size.  I’m really just trying to look cute and dainty with jewelry. Why else would I wear it?

So, Operation Got No Ring On It is in full effect. We’ll see if the men stumble over themselves to get at me. It will certainly be weird wearing NOTHING on that finger. But hey, I have no idea what sort of ring I could wear without it looking like a promise ring of some sort.

Although this ring is CLEARLY calling my name.

JMo is off to Minnesota tomorrow! And I, OF COURSE, will be blogging about my trip to The Mall of America. Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “With This Ring, I Thee…

  1. I have a blingy-ring addiction. They’re fantastic.

    I do think wearing a ring on your left ring finger could scare men off… I’ve never considered it. I just automatically don’t wear a ring on that finger. I’ve been engaged, and it doesn’t feel right. It’s almost superstitious in a way.

    Saying that though… society expects too much. People should be able to wear whatever the heck they want, wherever they want. That’s my view anyway.


  2. I love rings. Just bought five on my last trip. I only wear my wedding rings (sorry, I’m married, but only just) on my left hand, but wear at least three other rings on my right hand. You’ve got lots of other fingers, unless you were in a terrible weaving accident…try utilizing those fingers. And I’m looking forward to your posts on The Mall of America.


  3. OT: As far as I know, a ring on either ring finger can be married/engaged. On any other finger it means “I have no class”. I’ve worn a family heirloom ring in the past, but stopped wearing it after a while. I’m just not a ring-wearing guy. It always felt kind of odd and pointless. Also, people gave me a hard time about wearing a gold ring, because they thought I was trying to look gangsta’.


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