I Don’t Like It. I’m Just Good at It.

Sometimes looking at pictures is like spying. Maybe you weren’t meant to see that picture. Or maybe you weren’t supposed to live the moment of the person in the photo.

Wait. Let me go back.

My 7-year-old nephew likes math. Oops. Sorry. As he would say: “I’m good at math. I don’t like math. I’m good at it.”

My 7-year-old nephew is good at math. And he loves puzzles and numbers and shapes and video games and all that crap I’m not into. And he’s good at it…truly. He was doing math in his head before he even knew what math was.  Years ago someone in the room asked (of the adults) “How many hours is in 3 days?”  And my nephew, without even looking up from his DS, “uh…72.”

Ok, then. Yes, 72 hours. I was still thinking about it way after he said it. No one said Auntie JMo was good at math.

So anyway, earlier I dropped off a goody bag for my 10-year-old niece who just got braces (spoiled brat getting a “I don’t feel so” goody bag for getting braces? Whole other blog post. But she’s my baby!! I buy her stuff to make her feel better. Love her!) but also brought her brother a little something as well.

I saw it at the store Five Below. It’s like the dollar store, but everything is five bucks or under (*side note: when I went to type “bucks” I accidentally typed “fucked.” Oh boy. It’s mathematically been a long time folks!*).  It’s sort of like a puzzle. Except … Oh forget it, I totally cannot (i.e. will not hurt my brain bothering to explain it since it’s not too important to the story.) explain it.

So he’s putting together this thing I got him, a puzzle sort of. And he’s wearing his Super Mario pajamas, sitting at the coffee table that I used to sit at as a kid and very much involved into the puzzle at this point. And at that moment, my sister took a picture of him, on her phone and emailed it to me.  Took a picture, on her phone (!!) and then emailed it to me from the phone!! And I got to see that moment he was in, a mere few moments later. It’s amazing to me.

But, gosh, that look on his face. The fun he was having figuring it all out. The numbers. He was so living in that moment. What negativity could that kid be feeling? Fear? Money problems? Anxiety? Depression? Back pain? No. Nothing!

THIS is how life should be. You are living in that moment. In your family’s house. Safe. In the living room. Comfortable. With your family. Doing something you really like to do. Getting admiration for what a good job he’s doing. Just positivity all around. Pure happiness. Zen almost. All’s right in the world. And absolutely no thoughts that anything will ever change. All is right in the world.

I took a deep breath in when I looked at the picture. And I slowly exhaled with my eyes closed. Trying to see it through his eyes.  Actually getting a little jealous of his innocence. But then just happiness of my own, that I get to take part in the lives of those two kids.  Thanks Karen. It’s an experience I may never have known otherwise.

Sharp rocks at the bottom,



2 thoughts on “I Don’t Like It. I’m Just Good at It.

  1. not sure about the sharp rocks at the bottom………….but yes, the innocence of youth………we should all take a page from their book. Enjoy the moment. BE the ball. Enjoy the ice cream. Drink in the surrounding beauty. And most important, don’t ever forget that we were there once too. I reflect on my teens and twenties more and more frequently, with a LOT of gratitude. And yet I am even happier because my kids are able to have more carefree moments like your nephew.

    Good stuff Jen.


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