E Day

Tomorrow is Election Day. Finally. Mitt Romney has been running for President for what? A decade now?  I think it’s pretty obvious that Mitt will say anything to be elected. He was kissing the ass of the Tea Party during the debate season. And now he’s back to being Moderate Mitt. Whatever. It’s all bullshit. I would like to know how he is going to pull 12 million jobs out of his ass. And last time I checked, it isn’t the President’s job to find me a job. It my job to find a job. There are jobs available NOW you know. It’s not like the tumbleweeds are rolling down the street. Go find yourself a job!! Jesus.

Whatever. People are going to vote how they choose.  I do dislike how rude and disrespectful the Republicans are. They joke about people on welfare and their being lazy and unmotivated. Do they even know anyone on welfare? The Republicans…they remind me of bullies. They joke and hurt feelings about things they know nothing about.

Listen, if you’re a woman or an African American…I don’t care who you vote for, but I do care if you vote or not. Remember that not that long ago, we were not allowed to vote.  Don’t take it for granted. Please vote.

I do believe that Mitt Romney wants to be President so he can go down in the history books as being the first Mormon elected President. But unlike the first Roman Catholic who was elected President, Romney will force his religious views on us.

And if that happens, I will point to this blog post and say “I told you so.”

I stand by having more government because some things are bigger than us.

Rednecks, get your guns – cuz the black muslim is coming for ya!



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