Restore the (Jersey) Shore. Yeah Buddy!

First off, I would like to say, someone searched for my full name (spelled correctly) and xojmo. That sort of wigged me out because I do not use my real name anywhere on the blog. So…. Stalkers…leave me alone. Please!! Danke.

Ok, secondly, the point of this post. God, or the world, works in mysterious ways. I live in New England and have never been to the Jersey Shore. I only got familiar with it when I started watching…you guessed it…The Jersey Shore on MTV.

They rode the rides. They played the games. They drank. They got arrested. And I started to feel like I’ve walked that boardwalk and went on that roller coaster.

But the truth remains, I’ve never really been there. But because of The Jersey Shore, I care about the place.

And then wham….it gets washed away by Hurricane Sandy. And that’s crazy right. And now all I see are Tweets from the cast about “Restore the Shore.”

And then I thought…what if The Jersey Shore never happened? And I never knew about the Shore Store? I wouldn’t really care if that whole coaster floated away. But now…I feel like I have to fix it. So that one day I can visit Karma and fist pump. (Yes, I know I’m too  old. Thanks for pointing that out, stalker.)

So yeah, in a weird way, God put the Jersey Shore on television so that years later, we would all come together and care about the Jersey shore.

There I said it.



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