Show of Hands

Earlier I saw a commercial/trailer for this new horror movie – Texas Chainsaw.

Obviously this is a remake of an already-classified-as-a-classic horror movie – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

I was horrifically mortified at the sights and sounds of this new movie. It is incredibly violent, for entertainment’s sake.

Then the kicker…in 2D or 3D.

Ok, so … I honestly would like to know WHO exactly is planning on seeing this movie and on top of that…who the hell is planning on seeing this gore-fest in 3D?!

I would like this list to be available online, just like the sex offender registry or the Census. Because any man or men who plan on seeing Texas Chainsaw in 3D – well those are men that I WANT/NEED to stay away from. Because I sort of feel like this is the type of movie that James Holmes would probably like to watch. Or some guy that hates women and want to cut their heads off with chainsaws and rape their corpses.

Don’t believe me…..Watch the trailer.


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