This Is Officially Up For Debate!!

Let’s Debate!

I’m going to be so vague on details because I don’t have the mental capacity to do so (nor do I care enough to get most of these facts right. But I will get the important facts right.), and for that I do apologize.

Ok so on a History/Learning/NatGeo/H2/Smithsonian channel, is a special about all the weird ass shit the Smithsonian have in their freaky museum cellar.

Here comes the missing link. The fish the started growing “arms and legs.” Well, you certainly do have my attention now walking fish.

So fish, has skeleton with bones that have these things growing like arms and legs on amphibians and mammals.

Ok look, I saw the fish… it’s just big old fins. I dunno. I’m sure on the inside it’s very thrilling, but on the outside…just looks like big fish fins.

Anyway, the specialist on the show was GUSHING about how freaking exciting it is to find this fish. I mean, holy fucking shit. The lady was nearly peeing her grown up Garanimals.

She said, no lie: “Finding this fish after all this time is like seeing a dinosaur just walk out of the forest. Astonishing. More astonishing actually.”

WHAT?  She just said that. That finding and seeing this fish with “big fins” (says JMo) is MORE astonishing than if a fucking dinosaur walked out of the forest?!


Ok, look, I do consider myself a dinosaur geek and would probably totally sell my kidneys for enough money to go to a real Jurassic Park BUT I would have to hope that society would in fact find a dinosaur leaving the forest as way more astonishing than that freaking fish? But there is that lady just losing her shit on that fish.


And I sat there, and rewound it on TiVo, because I honestly couldn’t believe that she thinks that. And she totally does. She is so honest and naive about it. Ok, damn lady, the fish is kinda cool ok? But you gotta wonder why the fisherman didn’t keep this fish alive so scientists could observe it, instead of giving it an autopsy. You guys don’t talk about that in your weird cellar do you?”

Oooh, it could be like a cellar full of dark murky aquariums like the Governor had, but instead of zombie heads, they would be creepy walking fish. Ahh. That would be pissa.

Idea: I should have a blogathon. 24 posts in 24 hours. Love it, But definitely cannot start it on a school night. (I still call it “school nights.” Get over it.)

I’m so optimistic about my xojmoblogathon. Coming soon (?)

Ok two posts in one night is super not usual.

Ok but seriously…more astonishing? A brontosaurus skipping out of Yellowstone, or a fish with really big fins but is considered the Missing Link? I hope I’m right on this.


One thought on “This Is Officially Up For Debate!!

  1. A reader kindly pointed out to me that dinosaurs do not exist anymore. I am aware of that. I should’ve mentioned that no one thought the Missing Link Fish with “Arms and Legs” existed anymore either. So she claims that seeing that fish was MORE astonishing than seeing a dino walk out of the forest. So…. again? Really? Fish didn’t make the news. Dinosaur would make crazy news. So yeah, I think I’m right (per usual).

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