Lost and Haven’t Found

I’m not the neatest of peeps. I’ll admit it.  I sort of leave clothes hanging around. And then I gather it all up to wash it when the times comes. Hey it works for me.

I’ve done a whole bunch of laundry recently, and I literally have 10 socks that have no pairs. I’ve looked under my bed. Under the couch. Behind the washer/dryer (don’t ask) and nothing….

I know there is that ongoing joke about the sock monster. I do not think a sock monster exists per se, but I’m really perplexed by where the hell these socks went. I even went through my sock drawer to match up every single sock. And yup, still have these unmatched 10 socks.

I am hell-bent on finding their other halves. Has this ever  happened to you? Weirdest place you found “lost” socks?


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